Mobile (iOS) Instructor

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If you live and breathe code as your craft, find joy in helping other people learn, and want ample time to pursue freelance, personal projects, or open source work, then this job was custom-made for you.

What we believe in:
First and most importantly, here are a few of our values when it comes to teaching someone how to be a developer:

Thinking over syntax – We believe syntax is the easy part of programming and that we are successful when we’ve helped someone learn to think like an engineer.
Quality over quantity – We’re interested in training true professionals, not getting as many people into our classes as possible.
Real projects over scripted assignments – People learn programming best by tackling hard problems with a mentor, not following a list of steps and taking a quiz.
Emphasis on open source – We deeply value the open source mindset and intentionally create and contribute to open source projects.

What the role and responsibilities look like:
Our instructors serve as lecturers and mentors to our students, helping them learn to think like engineers and hone their skills in a programming discipline. You’ll also help define and refine the curriculum to stay current with cool new stuff. Have a look at the courses we’ve already launched.

You’ll teach three, 12-week semesters each year. The remaining 16 weeks you’ll only have light duties for The Iron Yard, such as curriculum updates and interviewing students for future classes. Beyond those things, you’re free to work on whatever you want (such as personal projects, open source projects, or products that we’re building and launching as The Iron Yard). And, of course, you’ll want to take some well-deserved time off.

Each class will be no more than 15 students per instructor, and you will have a campus director to take care of all the non-teaching-critical parts of running a program.

Outside of teaching responsibilities, you’ll be an active part of the development community in your city (hopefully you already are).

Your qualities and experience:
Self-starter who takes ownership of your role.
Expertise (and lots of experience) in Xcode and Objective-C; bonus if you’re expert in Apple’s new programming language, Swift.
GitHub credibility (evidence of an active passion for development).
Great communication skills, especially in distilling complex subject matter.
You believe in our mission and are excited about building our culture.
Really care about the mission of filling the gigantic developer shortfall happening in our industry.
A good sense of humor – intensive classes don’t work if it’s all work and no play.
Big fan of open source work and building the dev community in general.
Bonus: great at finding epic gifs.

Compensation and benefits:
Competitive full-time salary.
100% paid benefits.

How to apply:
Sound like a dream come true? We’d love to have a chat. Fill out an application and we’ll start a conversation.

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