30 signs you went to Queens University of Charlotte 

30 signs you went to Queens University of Charlotte 
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Queens University of Charlotte is a small, private university tucked in the neighborhood of Myers Park. Our class size is a three-digit number, so we’re basically family. 

You know you went to Queens if…

(1) When you tell people you go to “Queens” they assume either Queens College in New York or Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

(2) You’ve heard that kissing Diana will help you pass your exams during a campus tour and to never, ever step on the seal in Sykes unless you want to graduate late.


(3) The first Thursday night of fall semester is spent at Prohibition. It’s either a once and done for you, or you spend every Thursday night there with a guaranteed 20 other Queens students.

(4) Midnight Diner becomes a staple in your diet.

(5) You’ve gone to Royal Wednesdays at Chick-Fil-A to get a $3.71 meal with student I.D.


@cfaeast via Instagram

(6) You’re unfazed by tripping on loose bricks.

(7) You’ve complained about the library changing its hours from 2 a.m. to midnight.

(8) Your favorite campus traditions are Exam Break Breakfast and Casino Night.


Photo via Facebook

(9) You see the same people at least five times a day and it’s not a big deal.

(10) You can immediately recognize a new person on campus and want to know where they came from and how long they’re staying.

(11) You know it’s spring because you won’t see anyone during the cold months then suddenly; everyone is out on Levine Green.


Photo via Facebook

(12) You know the coffee shop umbrellas are always occupied by a group of sorority girls.

(13) You roll out of bed five minutes before class and still make it on time.

(14) You’ve been invited to dinner at your professor’s house at least once.

(15) You refuse to believe that any other college has better professors than we do.

Queens outside classroom

(16) You took advantage of the study abroad trips and are forever grateful to Queens for incorporating the fund in your tuition.

Tyler Greene in Guatemala

(17) Ms. Betty has fussed at you out at least once about meal swipes or takeout boxes.

(18) You think Daniel’s sandwich line gives you a prediction of how good the caf is.

(19) You’ve pulled into the parking deck and thinking you had a good spot only to find out a motorcycle was there.

(20) THE WI-FI.

(21) It’s normal to be the only guy in a class full of girls.


(22) Your smallest class is five people, if that.

(23) You know to stay out the quad if you chose to skip class one day.

(24) You’ve complained about walking to the other end of campus.

(25) You agree that parking outside of the deck is the biggest crime.

(26) You’ve been a babysitter thanks to the Service Referral list.

(27) You’ve run out of Lion’s Dollars because of daily chai lattes.

(28) You found out that the Clock Tower is just a Verizon cell-tower.


@queensuniv via Instagram

(29) You know you have the prettiest grass on a college campus.

(30) You’re forever proud of your small, hidden treasure of a university.

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