INSIDER: Check out how the new waterpark at Carowinds is coming along (18 photos)

INSIDER: Check out how the new waterpark at Carowinds is coming along (18 photos)
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Carowinds has poured millions into a renovated and expanded water park that straddles North and South Carolina.

The new park will be called Carolina Harbor Waterpark and replaces Boomerang Bay. It opens May 21 this year (the rest of the park opens Friday, March 25).


[Agenda story: Here are the plans for the largest water park in the Carolinas (view 9 renderings)]

Construction is nearing an end. Here’s a look at how it’s shaping up.

Steve was kind enough to show the Agenda around.


This is Blackbeard’s Revenge. 65-foot near vertical drop at the top.

Also a series of twisty and turny chutes with different platforms.



This is the new wave pool. Larger than the previous one.

Eight foot depth maximum. Will also have more cabanas, including two party cabanas. They’ll start putting the water in in April.


This will be Schooners, a full bar.

I’m told they’ll make anything you ask within reason.


This is the future Harbor House, a full restaurant.

Own smoker on-site. Selection will rival that of Harmony Hall in the dry section of the park. No indoor seating because you don’t want AC when you’re wet. They’ll have two big covered, shady areas with picnic tables out front.


Carolina Harbor-House

This will be Myrtle Turtle Beach, a place for babies and toddlers.

Wet area and dry area. Think turtle things to climb on, water to divert and play with. New family bathroom with changing tables and changing area.

Right next to it will be Kiddy Hawk Cove, a sprayground type deal for slightly older kids. Age 2-4.



The main bathhouse is pretty much doubled in size. Toilets, sinks, lockers, etc.


Seaside splashworks looks awesome. Age 6-13.

Six slides. 423-gallon bucket up top that will spill every 10 minutes or so. This is on the site of the former wave pool.



Bonus: Check out the main new (dry) attraction — Plants vs. Zombies 3-D.

This is from Pop Cap Games and based on the popular mobile game franchise. Basically the premise is you go inside the theater, get sorted into either the Plant team or the Zombie team, and you zap at the big movie screen with a blaster gun.

Adults probably won’t like the game itself because you can’t really tell if you’re hitting anything (though it is indoors, which is nice). But kids age 5-10 will probably love it because of the cute cartoon zombie professor and the whole laser gun thing.

The merch is pretty legit too.





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