Top 10 brunches in Charlotte, ranked

Top 10 brunches in Charlotte, ranked
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Is brunch the world’s favorite meal? It’s so popular (8 million+ tags on Instagram) that it’s even become a verb (see: “let’s brunch.”)

I like it. I can choose breakfast, lunch, or something that combines the two. I also like how many brunches Charlotte has to offer, but boy, does that make it hard to decide on weekends.

I’m here to make YOUR next brunch destination decision a little easier. Happy #brunching!

(1) littleSpoon

Why? They play hip-hop music (there are literally rap lyrics scattered throughout their website). Oh, and the food is incredible. Menu is subject to change so you can keep going back for more.

Plus, they serve this: 


@kpshinn__ via Instagram

(2) Heist Brewery

Why? When you start typing “Heist” into Google, “Heist Brewery brunch” is the second result. Good sign. Sundays only, $19, all-you-can-eat buffet. What a way to end the week.

Plus, they serve this:


@courtneydawn526 via Instagram

(3) Terrace Café

Why? Such a classic choice. The wait is insane if you arrive too late, so get up early on weekends or head over on a weekday morning when you’re skipping work for some appropriate reason (like I did once. Oops.)

Plus, they serve this:


@arthurstuartnc via Instagram

(4) Bistro La Bon

Why? This place is beautiful. Two options here. Order off a menu for Saturday brunch, or feast from a brunch buffet on Sunday. Choose wisely (or just go twice in one weekend, whatever.)

Plus, they serve this:


@katieaiello via Instagram

(5) The Asbury

Why? Just look at the menu. BBQ beef grits bowl? Pork belly sandwich? Crab cake benedict? If you’re looking for unique Southern flavor, you’ll find it at the Dunhill Hotel. Saturdays and Sundays only.

Plus, they serve this:


@southerninanyminute via Instagram

(6) 300 East

Why? Love the atmosphere. It feels like you’re dining in your own home, which is cool because I’ll probably never eat food this good in my actual home. Sundays only, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Plus, they serve this:


@feedmecharlotte via Instagram

(7) Corkbuzz

Why? Choose an appetizer, entrée, dessert, and brunch cocktail for only $35/per person, or order a la carte. Either way, you can’t lose, and either way, you should DEFINITELY get the Bourguignon Burger and fries. Bacon-mushroom relish, anyone?

(8) Crispy Crepe

Why? Who doesn’t love a good crepe? Go here with someone who will order a sweet crepe while you choose a savory one (or vice versa) and share. Wins all around. Order a pretty coffee drink, too.

Plus, they serve this: 


@hjkeyser via Instagram

(9) Georges Brasserie

Why? Another buffet! Enjoy this one for $25 on Sundays or order from the brunch menu on Saturdays. And if you’re really trying to enjoy your weekend, get your fix of OJ and champagne via $12 bottomless mimosas. (P.S. If mom and dad are visiting, take them here.)

Come on, this looks awesome:


@kris_4114 via Instagram

(10) Café Monte

Why? Get your French on in Charlotte. Love the fancy-sounding dishes at affordable prices. And any sandwich with a perfectly cracked, over-easy egg on top is a-okay with me.

Speaking of…: 


@eatdrinkclt via Instagram

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