Agenda for Monday May 18th: Crossfit to steak dinners

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Hello Monday.

I had the last Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Waffle made by Hex Coffee on Saturday at the Beer Growler. I thought it would only taste “okay” as Chandler had been slinging waffles for 2+ hours. Wrong. It rocked my world and I washed in down with a NoDa Jam Session (part of a $5 4-beer flight). My wife got coffee and said “this cold brew is so legit.” The placed was packed with cool dudes and I was out of place rocking a baby in monogrammed searsucker. Love this type of Charlotte entrepreneurship. Anyways.


Today’s Weather: 87. Sunny, 30% chance of rain.
Today’s Stat: #6 & #18. USA Today’s ranking of Jay Bilas and Paul Finebaum in their “Most Powerful People in Sports Media” story.
Today’s Job: Email Marketing Specialist at Sealed Air. Apply.
Today’s Charlottean: Michael Shortino, Chef & Founder of Futo Buta, for nailing his opening and feeding our city ramen.


Charlotte athletes advance to Crossfit Games
Team Rising Orange athletes Ryan Boswell, Brandon Hendrick, David Borrelli, Pamela Gagnon, Michelle Crawford and Emily Breeze Ross Watson came in 2nd at Regionals in Atlanta and will advance to the Olympics of Crossfit. Their abs are ridiculous.

Defunct Philosopher’s Stone will reopen as a dog bar in 2 weeks
My favorite beer tower place is turning into a dog bar. I’m going to cry. Owned by the Jackalope Jack’s guy. Katie wonders “Where are all the cat bars?” Nutz. View photos of the new spot.

Meet Cat Bao Le, Executive Director of the Southeast Asian Coalition
Did you know that North Carolina has the 3rd fastest growing API (Asian and Pacific Islander) population in the nation, growing 85% from 2000 – 2010? Now you do. Love that Gi explored Cat Boa Le’s Craigslist obsessions (amazing).

Beef ‘n Bottle. It’s a Charlotte institution.
Old-school vibe. Love that Beef ‘n Bottle serves salad toppings on a different plate. Clay’s steak photo made my mouth water and I still can’t believe that Pat’s 30th b-day dessert had an actual sparkler in it.

What’s it like to party Great Gatsby style with Luuuke, Thomas Davis & Riverboat Ron?
Dana got glamorous on Saturday night as Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis hosted an event to raise money for his Defending Dreams Foundation. 16 photos. People love selfies with Luke and I totally understand.


Rory McIIory smokes the field by 7 shots to win the Wells Fargo Golf Championship. Our local boy Webb Simpson tied for 2nd place (he lives at Quail, which is cool). Fun to see Riverboat Ron, Johnny Harris and Luke Kuechly in the TV coverage.

Cam Newton got all sorts of Twitter love for carrying a lady over the mud at the Preakness. Black and Blue Review has the video. And, view Cam’s stylish outfit.

What’s the location of Myers Park’s new Juice Bar?
Park Road Shopping Center in between the Subway and Caribou/Bruegger’s where that odd watch store used to be. View photos of how The Juice Bar’s will up-fit the space. Agenda briefing.

Woman dies from 150 foot fall at Crowder’s Mountain. WBTV reports that 48 year old Stephanie Anderson accidentally fell while trying to take a family photo. Thoughts and prayers to her family.

Have a delightful Monday and Phil Mickelson should have gone Beef ‘N Bottle instead of Del Frisco’s for his Charlotte Saturday night steak dinner.

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