There’s a killer little bar in Harris Teeter (really)

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Do you feel like having a drink, but don’t feel like battling the bar scene? Make your way to the Myers Park Harris Teeter.

Photo via Google Maps

Photo via Google Maps

Head up the stairs, be impressed by the wine aisle, take a left and park your cart.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter Wine Aisle

Harris Teeter Bar

You’ll find wine, beer and cheese platters.

The beer list includes $3 and $4 craft beers, along with $5 limited releases.

There are over 20 wines ranging from $5-8 a glass and wine flights for $8.

Harris Teeter Beer

Harris Teeter Wine List

Harris Teeter Platter

Want to just help yourself? Head around back, where you’ll find a wine station and glasses ready to go.

Wine Station

Wine Station

Harris Teeter Wine Glasses

If it’s a Friday night and it’s packed (or it’s gorgeous outside), head to the patio.

It holds five couches, eight tables and seats up to 60 people.

Harris Teeter Patio

Harris Teeter Patio

Don’t worry – there’s a better view than you’d think.

And if you choose the right couch, you’ll be looking at the sunset.

Harris Teeter Patio

Harris Teeter Couch

There’s plenty of seating inside, too.

Harris Teeter Cafe Tables

And if you want someone to talk to or advice on what to order, find Travis or Coleen.

He’s a wine and beer consultant, she’s a wine consultant. And they’re both super nice.

They’ll also cover all of your wine tasting and event needs.

Harris Teeter Bartenders

You have a reason to go more than once: the weekly events and specials aren’t to be missed.

Harris Teeter Weekly Events

Connect with the Myers Park Harris Teeter Wine Bar


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