10 places to spot a Panther in its natural habitat

10 places to spot a Panther in its natural habitat
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Who doesn’t want to hang out with a Panther (regardless of how the Super Bowl went)?

I understand that because I’m writing this article and you’re reading, we’re sacrificing any chance we may have had at becoming friends with a Panther. But at the same time, did we ever really have a chance?

I don’t know about you, but while they’re zipping around town on their hoverboards and eating at spots like Ilios Noche or Fahrenheit before they party at Label, I’m probably stuck in traffic in my Bug on the way to Chic-Fil-A before hanging out at someone’s apartment for the night.

But if you still want to try — or just bask in the glory — it won’t hurt to look at these (shockingly approachable) places.


Spotted here: Michael Oher, Ed Dickson

the viper 5church

Cowbell Burger & Whiskey Bar

Spotted here: Luke Kuechly

Bruiser Burger Cowbell Charlotte


Spotted here: Star Lotulelei



Spotted here: Quite literally most of the team


Spotted here: Luke Kuechly

Films on Tap Heist

Hornets games

Spotted here: Cam Newton, Thomas Davis, Mike Tolbert, Ron Rivera, Charles Johnson, Mario Addison, Shaq Thompson, Luke Kuechly


Ilios Noche

Spotted here: Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen

@iliosnoche via Instagram

@iliosnoche via Instagram

Leroy Fox

Spotted here: Greg Olsen

Leroy Fox Takeout Bag Charlotte

Terrace Cafe

Spotted here: Luke Keuchly

@juancani26 via Instagram

@juancani26 via Instagram


Spotted here: Roman Harper, Ron Rivera

Vivace cocktail

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