5 reasons Charlotte desperately needs a cross-stitching shop (and no I’m not joking)

5 reasons Charlotte desperately needs a cross-stitching shop (and no I’m not joking)
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Most people think that cross-stitch is a hobby for grandmas whose grandkids don’t call them enough.

But now cross-stitching is growing in popularity with grandkids who need to call their grandmas more.

Don’t believe me? I give you, Ron Swanson:

Ron Swanson cross stitch

Now that I’ve followed the trend and caught the cross-stitch bug, I’ve noticed that cross-stitch stores are harder to find than real ice cream shops.

From rude cross-stitches to cross-stitch tattoos, cross-stitching is all the rage and it’s time Charlotte caught on.


Still not convinced that Charlotte needs a cross-stitch shop? Here are five reasons that will get you hopping on the needle art bandwagon:

(1) Charlotte is a crafty city.


@skillpopclt via Instagram

Charlotteans love their artsy Skill Pop classes and there’s a downright dumb amount of “Let’s get tipsy off white wine while we paint a picture of an abstract duck” places.

Cross-stitch is super easy (I learned from random YouTube videos) and costs way less than paint and a canvas.

(2) I’m sick of giving my money to Michaels Arts and Crafts.


Right now, Michaels is the only place I’ve found to get cross-stitching supplies. And I hear you saying, “But Mary! There’s a stitching shop right next to Café Monte!”


Let me tell you about the stitching shop right next to Café Monte.

I visited this shop with the same childish enthusiasm I have when visiting a boardwalk fudgery. I walked in confidently with my big box of materials, ready to talk cross-stitching, purchase thread and make some new friends.


Me: Hi! I’m so excited I found your shop. There are NO cross-stitching shops in Charlotte!

Po’s Point Woman: Excuse me?

Me: I’m excited I found you guys! I’ve been looking everywhere for a cross-stitch shop!

Po’s Point Woman: Umm, honey, we don’t do cross-stitch. We do needlepoint.

I want to mention that this woman said this last sentence as if I had walked into Chopt and ordered sashimi.

In the awkward minutes that followed, I learned that needlepoint and cross-stitch are not the same thing. And apparently cross-stitch is the red headed stepchild of needlepoint.

So, yeah, I want to stop going to Michaels and spend my money at a local shop. Preferably one that doesn’t allow mean needlepointers inside.

(3) You can make cheap gifts for your friends who are doing grown-up things like getting married and producing offspring.


Because, who has the cash to buy a set of serving spoons or one of those stupid plastic giraffes that babies suck on? Not me.


Put on Season 1 of The Office while you stitch and two to four episodes later you’ll have a personalized gift that cost less than $10!

(4) Cross-stitching can be done while drinking craft beer. 


And we all know that Charlotteans loves their breweries. Can I get a craft brewery and cross-stitch collaboration? Perhaps called “Arts & Craft Beer”? Anyone?

(5) And finally, there’s something delightfully ironic about inappropriate cross-stitch.


There’s nothing more unexpected than a stitched curse word. Charlotte is a young city, and I’ve heard that young people like to live on the edge. What’s edgier than taking your grandma’s hobby and making something profane?


This one is hanging in our office bathroom. We just hope that our clients will be considerate of the new rule.


@swell_times via Instagram

So, Charlotte, it’s time to call upon your entrepreneurial spirit and open a cross-stitch shop (preferably next to my apartment). I’ve already brainstormed several punny store names (i.e.  Rags to Stitches) so the hard work is done.

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