Baby sleep training essentials from a Charlotte sleep trainer

Baby sleep training essentials from a Charlotte sleep trainer
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Sleep deprived parents of babies: I have your new favorite superhero, local sleep training pro Christie Barteau. Christie specializes in all things sleep and newborn related.

Some of you might be asking, what in the world is sleep training, while other parents out there are thinking, where do I sign up? Christie specializes in baby sleep training, meaning she helps babies learn to get to sleep and stay asleep through the night.

Just as you and I wake in the middle of the night, babies wake for various reasons and usually need a little more help getting back to sleep. Sleep training helps teach the baby how to do this independently.

Do I need a sleep trainer?  

Christie usually steps in when babies pass the newborn stage and are not sleeping through the night. Training usually begins with three to four month old babies, when they have the ability to sleep 10-12 hours a night.


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What’s the difference in a sleep trainer and a night nurse?

A night nurse a registered nurse who cares for baby overnight in your home and performs such duties as changing and feeding throughout the night so parents can rest but doesn’t necessarily give sleep advice. A sleep trainer’s goal is to get your baby sleeping on its own through the night.

How do I find a sleep trainer and how much will it cost?

Do some online research and then ask around. Word of mouth is a big resource in the parenthood community and Christie mentions she gets a lot of business from this. On average, consults with a sleep trainer will cost $175.

Some sleep trainers provide in-home educating and will create plans for you to do independently along with support via phone. These prices range from $400-600 per visit. If you would prefer the trainer stays through the night and does the work of getting baby to sleep, that will cost you $450-500 per night.


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Christie recommends starting good sleep habits from the very beginning. These habits include putting baby down while drowsy but not yet asleep so they can form the habit of falling asleep in their crib. She also suggests swaddling baby with arms in and using a sound machine.

She serves the greater Charlotte area and provides services such as newborn consultations and night shift nursing in addition to sleep training.

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