A more detailed look at the Bank of America Plaza renovation

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I’ve previously discussed the importance of the Bank of America Plaza building renovation and what it will mean for the square. Well, now we have our first look and some details and it is looking impressive.

Here are the details:

  • 20,000 square feet of new retail space
  • Four store fronts and one will have access to a lower level space
  • $20 million project
  • Redline Design Group, designer
  • TEIR REIT, building owner and manager
  • Trinity Partners, office leasing
  • CBRE, retail leasing
  • Q1 2017 completion
Bank of America Plaza Renovation along Tryon

Photo courtesy of Redline Design Group

BofA Plaza along Tryon

Photo courtesy of Redline Design Group

BofA Plaza Entrance-from-Overstreet

Photo courtesy of Redline Design Group

Bank of America Plaza lobby renovations

Photo courtesy of Redline Design Group

New BofA Plaza lobby

Photo courtesy of Redline Design Group

There will be store fronts along Tryon Street, and those involved are hoping for a quality mix of tenants (retail/goods, services, restaurants, etc). This will provide a massive boost to the pedestrian experience at the Square and along Tryon in general.

Gone is the “smokers alley” and good riddance. It’s so gross and I cant wait for it to be lined with restaurant space, patios and chairs. Now we just need a new name for this alley.


The quality of materials being used with this renovation are top notch and will certainly help the look of the already iconic building. I am a big fan of the glass and lighting that will be highly visible along Tryon.

I do have one criticism, and that’s with the patio space. I’m sure the tables and chairs seen in the rendering are place holders and it would come down to the tenant to flesh out the space, but I would like to see further push to have a true patio area. I would also love to see overhead rope lighting along this section of Tryon over the sidewalk. This would do a ton to draw in pedestrians to the tenants from the street.

Overall, this project is pioneering the “building makeover” in town and there are plenty more that need it. It’s a great starting point and I am excited to see this trend continue across the street at 101 N. Tryon. Activating the square is so incredibly important and the renovation is understanding that.

This project is an excellent example of the city and its developers trying to right the wrongs of the past and continuing to enhance the urban experience in Charlotte. Now it is on CBRE and the others involved to bring in a great tenant mix. My guess is the rent will be a bit prohibitive to quirky tenants, but I have faith we will see things beyond fast food chains.

Cover image courtesy of Redline Design Group

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