4 Charlotte low-cal skinny drinks

4 Charlotte low-cal skinny drinks
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All photos were taken by Tara Lilly.

Picture this: It’s Thursday night; you walk into a bar and are immediately asked to pick your poison. Pretty standard, right? As someone who’s notorious for being indecisive (what can I say, sometimes I’d rather not think when it comes to alcohol), I’ve found it difficult to not only pick a drink that I want, but one that’s actually low-calorie.

I mean, this girl didn’t wake up at 5:45 a.m. and hit the gym for nothing. As I’ve tried some local spots, I’ve made it my sole mission to give my drink-of-choice a low-cal, healthy and ‘skinny,’ if you will, upgrade.

Go ahead and take notes, these drinks won’t disappoint your taste buds or your waistline. Promise.

300 East

Cocktail: Charlotte’s Peach

Ingredients: TOPO organic vodka, peach puree, lime & soda water

Organic vodka and real peach puree, what more can you want? Low-calorie wise, stick to clear liquors like vodka. Oh, and steer clear of tonic water — opt for soda water. This Charlotte Peach will have you wanting more; just not in calorie form.


Cocktail: Montford Cooler

Ingredients: Deep Eddy’s grapefruit, soda water, lime (substituted for the lemonade)

The Montford Cooler cocktail will make you feel like its 75˚ when in fact it’s probably 30˚ and you’re probably wearing a parka and a wool scarf. It’s cool though, just take a few sips and picture the dreamiest tropical island.

Angry Ale’s

Cocktail: Skinny Marg

Ingredients: Tequila, fresh squeezed lime, soda water

This low-cal take on the otherwise high calorie classic margarita is in fact everything. I have quite an affinity for margs and there’s just no way I can absolutely cut them out of my diet. Enter: The Skinny Marg. Tequila, fresh lime juice, topped with soda water, this recipe pretty much skips the sugary additives that aren’t too fond of your waistline. Just beware; these are way stronger than their higher calorie counterpart.

Maverick Rock Taco

Cocktail: Iced Cucumber Cooler

Ingredients: Gin, fresh cucumber, fresh lime juice, club soda (ditch the simple syrup; just add extra limes)

This refreshing cocktail will most definitely pair well with some tacos….er, taco salad. If you’re not into gin, swap it out for vodka. Cheers!

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