213 mugs available for Sycamore Brewing’s “Mug Club Mondays” — Here’s how it works

213 mugs available for Sycamore Brewing’s “Mug Club Mondays” — Here’s how it works
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How do Sycamore Brewing’s “Mug Club Mondays” work? You purchase a $25 ceramic 24-ounce mug, and every Monday, you get full mug pours at pint prices ($6 or $6.50) on all beers under 8% ABV.

Mug Club 2018 has already officially begun, with a total of 213 mugs available this year. Each mug is stamped with the year of release. You can go buy one right now.

Mug Club Mondays will be held each Monday in 2018 and 2019.

Previous years’ mugs are always accepted – however, last year’s mugs only hold 20 ounces, so it’s a good idea to upgrade if you’re a thirsty participant.


It’s a cool mug. I’m going to use mine for coffee and beer drinking — nobody will ever know what’s inside.


2016 throwback mug, still going strong.

People are into Mug Club Mondays.

Things start getting busy on Mondays around 5:30 p.m., and oftentimes you’ll find that everyone sitting at the bar has a mug. From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. there’ll be about 20-30 mug drinkers and the taproom often has about 50 or so people.

“The Monday vibe in the taproom is really cool — it’s a slower pace and guests get a chance to relax and talk to our bartenders about our beer in a laid-back, relaxing environment,” Sycamore Brewing co-owner Sarah Taylor Brigham told the Agenda. “There’s a real community feel and everyone is welcome. A few Charlotte newcomers have let me know that they made their first real connections with people at Mug Club, which can be hard to do in a new city. If you’ve got a mug, chances are you like good beer and good conversation!”

To promote Mug Club Mondays, Sycamore is hosting Mug Club Week in which they’ll honor the special for 6 days, Sunday, January 21 to Thursday, January 25.

What’s next for participants?  “Mug Club t-shirts are coming soon,” said Sarah. “We’ve had a ton of requests for these from Mug Club Members and we expect to have those in the coming weeks.”



Like an old man, I go to Sycamore at 4 p.m. on weekdays and for their breakfast/brunch events on Saturdays — because as I get older I just can’t deal with crowds.

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