Snack King delivers emergency late-night drunk food (and condoms) for charity

Snack King delivers emergency late-night drunk food (and condoms) for charity
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Let’s say it’s 3 a.m. The bars have closed, you’ve Ubered home and you’re standing in the middle of your spinning kitchen without a single snack in sight. What’s a wasted weekend warrior to do? Order emergency junk food from Snack King, obviously.

Snack King is a late-night convenience store delivery service for bartenders, DJs, partygoers and anyone else who needs a junk food fix at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Snack King will bring candy, frozen pizzas, Hot Pockets, honey buns, Gatorade and more straight to your doorstep between the emergency snacking hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.

There’s a $3.95 delivery fee and a $15 order minimum. Right now, they service Uptown and South End.
snack king products

They’ll even deliver hot food, beer and wine.

Beer and wine is only available up until 1:45 a.m. Food comes from NoDa Deli and they’re hoping to add some more late-night or 24-hour restaurants to the lineup. Hello, 1 a.m. burger and onion rings.



If you’re too far gone to make your own food decisions, fret not. Snack King has some solid combo packs designed to meet your drunken needs.

Ultimate Snack Pack ($25.99) comes with 12 Hot Pockets, a 6-pack of soda, 3 Hershey bars and 3 bags of chips to ensure you and all your friends regret all of your decisions in the morning.


For a more intimate night in with that special someone in your life, go for the Tinder Package ($24.99).

It includes a Digiorno Pizza, 2 energy drinks, 2 condoms, 2 Black & Mild cigarettes and 2 waters. What a time to be alive.

snack king tinder package

Speaking of intimacy, Snack King will deliver condoms ($4.99) and Plan B emergency contraception ($75)

No questions asked.


If you order your snack delivery to a bar or brewery, you won’t have trouble finding your delivery guy.

They deliver your snacks dressed as the Snack King from the logo complete with a fake beard and crown cap.



The best part? All of this late-night gluttony is for a good cause.

Snack King donates 15% of its profit to Pangea United, a nonprofit leadership academy that teaches kids how to be entrepreneurs.

photo via Pangea United

photo via Pangea United

Still don’t get it? Perhaps their music video will help.

Snack King from Juan Ossa on Vimeo.

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