The most beautiful street in Charlotte

The most beautiful street in Charlotte
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Saturday afternoon was a perfect time to take a stroll down Hermitage Road in the Myers Park area. Actually, I suppose anytime would be a good time as it’s a simply lovely area.

The sidewalks are lined with massive trees, blooming Camellias and houses that seem to be made up of a gazillion square feet. The well manicured lawns and incredible houses kept my eyes alive and wondering.

Hermitiage Road Home

White Home on Hermitiage

Hermitiage sidewalk

Ivey along sidewalk

White Home Hermitage Rd

Fork in road Hermitage

Beautiful home Hermitage

Hermitiage sidewalk


A family passed by me. The mother and daughter walked side by side while they pulled a little boy in a red wagon as he read a book. They nodded at me as they passed and said hello.

Family walk on Hermitiage

Not soon after, a father and son came down the sidewalk behind me. The little boy was full speed ahead on his bike as the father ran beside him, touching the bike every now and again to make sure it kept its balance.

Child learning to ride bike

I turned the corner to find a small neighborhood park, the small intimate ones you would see in Savannah. It was just below the Duke Mansion, a home built in 1915 that now serves as an event space — an incredibly beautiful event space.

Park on Hermitiage

Hermitiage Rd Charlotte

Trees on Hermitiage

light through trees

Duke Mansion gates

Duke Mansion on Hermitiage

As I continued to explore Hermitage Road, I couldn’t help but have a feeling of “home” come over me, the one where you feel safe, cozy and just at peace. Just off of Providence Road, this area seems like it’s miles from the city. It’s incredible to see how a neighborhood can become a home just by the people that live there.

If you’re ever in need of a weekend drive somewhere new, take one down Hermitage Road. Make it an afternoon of exploring.

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