Your guide to 60+ half-priced wine specials, sorted by day

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Charlotte loves its wine, but especially loves it half-off, as evident by the multiple options available seven days per week.

Here’s your guide.

[Note: Though this page is constantly updated, remember that these are subject to change at any given point. If you’re dead set on one of these deals, it’s best to call first. E-mail us with any/all changes,]


wooden vine

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brazwells wine



  • 300 East. Half-price bottles.
  • All American Pub. Half-price glasses.
  • Angry Ale’s. Half-price glasses and bottles.
  • Bonterra Dining & Wine Room. Half-price glasses.
  • Brass Tap. Half-price glasses and bottle.
  • Burtons Bar and Grill. Half-price bottles.
  • Cantina 1511. Half-price bottles.
  • Caswell Station. Half-price bottles.
  • CharBar No. 7. Half-price bottles.
  • Chima Brazilian Steakhouse. Half-price glasses.
  • City Tavern. Half-price bottles under $40.
  • Dilworth Neighborhood Grille. Half-price bottles.
  • The Imperial. Half-price glasses and bottles.
  • Ink N Ivy. Half-price glasses.
  • Jocks and Jill’s. Half-price bottles.
  • Libretto’s. Half-price glasses and bottles. Note: Woodlawn location.
  • The Lodge. Half-price bottles.
  • The Loyalist. Half-price glasses.
  • Luciano’s. Half-price bottles.
  • Mama Ricotta’s. Half-price bottles.
  • Mezzanotte. Half-price select bottles.
  • Pisces Sushi. Half-price bottles.
  • Reid’s Fine Foods. Half-price glasses.
  • Ru San’s. Half-price bottles.
  • Salud Cerveceria. Half-price bottles.
  • Sir Edmond Halley’s. Half-price bottles.
  • Stone Mountain Grill. Half-price bottles and glasses.
  • Village Tavern. Half-price glasses.


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Did I miss anything? Please, for the sake of all of us at Headquarters, let me know:

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