Marketing Associate

ProctorFree is a growing technology company and has a variety of exciting challenges that we address together, day by day. For this role, we are looking for someone that has made mistakes, learned from them, and is willing to continue to try new things in order to foster an impactful Marketing component of our business. Who sees us? Why do they find us? What are we saying as a company and brand? Does it matter?

The primary responsibility will be to own the Marketing functional area of the company. This means understanding all the moving parts, relationships, and ensuring things run on time. As one example, this could mean the existence of a paid advertising campaign that points back to a unique landing page on our website, and ensuring the proper tracking mechanisms are in place for our sales team to understand the origin, and for us to track the spend/return related to this effort.

Our Culture:
We encourage entrepreneurial, solutions-based thinking and are constantly motivated to grow the company. We empower our employees with the independence to make their own way while supporting them in a team-oriented environment.

• Observe, Orient, Decide, Act, Measure, Repeat. *Read up on the origin of the “OODA” loop to further understand this reference.
• Collaborate internally and externally to produce content that is relevant to our goal of engaging new customers, staying engaged with existing customers, and finding new opportunities to expand into existing markets or even new markets.
• Collaborate with the sales and customer success teams to capture the most compelling stories and turn this into brand-consistent and engaging communication.
• Ensure this content and messaging across various social platforms is consistent with our company culture, tone, and on brand.
• Continually analyze our audience, how we’re acquiring them, and their behaviors.
• Develop and manage paid SEO/SEM strategies across different digital platforms.
• Implementation of digital search engine marketing (SEM) to include overseeing the creation and syndication of ad copy across available channels such as Google and LinkedIn ad networks.
• Assist in the creation of an editorial calendar and cadence which should include strategy, content planning, execution, measuring, iterating.
• Stay up-to-date to ensure relevancy from a consumer trends, competitor, social media, and channel partner perspective.
• Manage and track performance of any paid placements or ads, from channels such as social media, Google, Linkedin and partner sites.
• Owning the top of the sales funnel from a standpoint of being able to track and report on Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).
• Track delivery of content publishing schedule; collaborate with partners and vendors to ensure things run on time and any supporting elements are meeting agreed upon deadlines, KPIs, or deliverables. An example would be pulling together relevant content for recurring email newsletters, quality checking, and ensuring delivery.
• Explore, implement, measure and grow channel partner relationships. This could mean that a relationship with a non-competitive company is mutually beneficial between the two parties. How can we find these relationships, foster them, and produce content that is relevant to both company audiences?

• At least 1-2 years of relevant marketing experience.
• Ability to communicate well in written, oral, and visual form.
• Do we need to say attention to detail? <- Are companies still saying that? If you mention this line you will get our attention.
• Comfort with technology and media.
• The ability to multi-task and manage multiple projects at once.
• Familiarity with common productivity tool suites such as Microsoft Office or Google Apps for Business.
• Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, or related discipline.
• Prior relevant marketing experience.
• Curiosity and a desire for personal and professional growth.
• Efficient and effective written and verbal communication skills.
• Knowledge of social media platforms, HTML, CSS, WordPress, and creative tools is preferred.

About you:
Are you constantly looking at how the world works? What drives consumer behaviors and trends, why do we buy what we want and what we need. How can the actions of one functional area in a business directly support another functional area? If these are the things you think about throughout the day we want to talk to you.

• Insurance and benefit options that are built for both individuals and families, including company contributions.
401K option.
• High-quality equipment—we’ll make sure you have the tools to do your job effectively
• Progressive flexibility in work schedule and location. Our physical office location is Davidson, NC
• An environment with a compelling combination of freedom and ownership.

• We intentionally left something(s) inconsistent in this post, can you find it / them?
• Have something you’re proud of? We’d love to hear or see examples of prior work.