Mortgage Underwriter

This position has been filled or has expired. To search all open positions, visit our Job Board.

We’re a super experienced global team of innovators from the startup and finance worlds. We’re transforming the entire home loan experience so fear, uncertainty, and the power imbalance between lender and buyer are replaced with respect, peace of mind and excitement.

We’ll know we’ve succeeded when it no longer feels daunting — but feels less important than your housewarming party. And if we’ve really succeeded, it’ll even be fun. That’s the real moonshot.

Reviewer? Never heard of that position before…

Sure you have – it’s the Beeline version of an underwriter. But like the name change, you must be ready to think about the whole meandering mortgage process differently — more like a Beeline (see what we did there?) — the shortest possible path to someone’s home purchase or refinance.


The relationship between the Loan Guide and the Reviewer is harmonious. No more us v. them BS you’ve seen from other lenders. There is no loan officer beating you senseless to close “their” loan (mainly because there is no commission awaiting our Loan Guides). Instead you can experience sweet freedom from your least favorite loan officer who seems to always over promise to the customer, making you look like the bad guy.

Sure, you need to know guidelines, regulations, writing to Fannie, Freddie and multiple investors. They’re the basics. But you need to approach the process with an open mind. We do things a little differently here and are going to be adding new products and programs as we grow. We need good reviewers who know any or all aspects of reviewing a file: credit reviewing, assets, income (including self-employed), collateral, title — there’s a place for any niche you may have.

Our relationship with our customer is not transactional. We don’t see the customer as a walking commission check but someone who wants to celebrate the thrill of a new house or the freedom a refi can bring. The customer isn’t handed over like a hot potato along a conveyor belt, but they’re with the Loan Guide to carefully and sensitively get to closing.

We’re working to cut down on the back and forth between Reviewer and Loan Guide so that we can remove uncertainty for a customer. Creating a relaxed and comfortable customer experience is the goal.

But it’s easier said than done…

Our radically new way to apply and close is not like you’re used to, and the way someone experiences their Beeline Tracker and their relationship with their very own Loan Guide isn’t what you’re probably familiar with. In saying that, we need you to be flexible and open-minded and progressive and willing to try it a different way and work with us to kick old-school loan processes to the curb.

• Emotional intelligence and empathy.
• Great communication with your team and those outside Beeline.
• Ability to multitask and be comfortable at high pace.
• Able to focus on the present moment.
• Be well organized and clear thinking; not easily distracted or flustered.
• Be quick on your feet and able to keep calm and solve unforeseen problems.
• Great math, written, and spoken skills. What’s 12 squared? If you need a calculator then it’s not looking good for you. ‘They’re’ or their’ — you’ll need to know the difference.
• You’re tech savvy, so you can learn our CRM easily, instead of some old-school pipeline report. You’re at home enough with tech to understand the massive difference between our product and those you’re familiar with — and don’t wig out learning new processes.
• 2+ years of experience in the mortgage industry as an underwriter.
• Understand regulatory requirements involved in mortgage originations.
• Solid grasp of guidelines from Fannie and Freddie and experience selling to multiple investors.
• Experience with AUS and how to read and apply the findings.
• Experience in collateral underwriting is a plus but not required. If you love underwriting collateral, definitely reach out to us (same with condos!).

You’ll have a solid base with a variable which is based on the quality of your work, efficiency, quality, and ability to work in a team environment. As we mentioned above, we don’t work off boiler room targets and commission.

Variables are based on the work that matters and making every customer’s experience a great one. That way, we’re all aligned with the customer instead of getting all transactional on their ass. Say goodbye to those pushy loan officers.

• Health insurance.
• Dental insurance.
• Vision insurance (starting 1/1/2021).
• Life & disability insurance.
• 10 days of personal/sick time per year – available upon starting.
• 3 weeks of vacation time per year accrued per pay period.
• 401(k).