BREAKING: 101 North Tryon is now marketing street-level retail space

BREAKING: 101 North Tryon is now marketing street-level retail space
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I have been waiting forever for this and finally it’s here. CBRE is currently marketing 101 North Tryon (formerly 101 Independence Center) in all of its remodeled glory.


I was worried that the new owners of the building weren’t going to remove the ugly and dated atrium, but indeed they are and it looks amazing. As a reminder, this is the building that sits at Trade and Tryon next to the Marriott (it has Newk’s and Starbucks in it).

Here’s what we know:

Editor’s note: These plans are not final and are subject to change. 

  • Patio and public space in between the Marriott and the building
  • 3 retail spaces
    • 10,554 square feet
    • 7,922 square feet
    • 1,800 square feet
  • The largest of these will be a restaurant space running along the side of the building off of the patio space
    • Two levels
    • Tons of glass
    • Beautiful
  • Other two retail spaces are on Tryon





I am in love with this design and I can’t imagine it will be difficult for Mike Lucier and Brooks Bailey from CBRE to fill these spaces.

The square is the most heavily trafficked (both foot and car) intersection in uptown, yet there’s virtually nothing to activate it from a pedestrian level. It’s a product of dated architecture, bad planning and no updates. However, this is among the next steps to truly revolutionize Charlotte and its urban environment. By bringing retail/restaurants and public space they have not only given pedestrians a place to go in the square, but have also provided a beautiful looking ground presence for all those passing by.

Not only does it take out that dated and terrible atrium, but it also opens the space up and compliments the Marriott renovation next door. This is something that will affect everyone and will be among the major pieces of the Trade and Tryon revitalization puzzle.

Currently, the spaces are being listed as available “immediately,” but clearly a lot of construction has to take place. No timeline has been set yet but will continue to update as this story develops. Kudos to all involved.

Note: I am cautiously optimistic on this project, it has been in the works for some time and I am hopeful the plans don’t fall through, but it’s always an unfortunate possibility. Hopefully they get tearing down and rebuilding soon.

(Photo credit: CBRE)

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