Compensation Analyst

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The Compensation Analyst position provides professional-level support to the administration, development, and communication of district-wide compensation programs. Provides compensation expertise regarding job evaluation, market pricing and benchmarking, compensation analysis, salary administration, and implementation of compensation programs, practices, and policies.

• Consults, advises, and makes recommendations regarding compensation decisions, including establishing pay rates for new hire, promotion, demotion, and other transfer pay actions.
• Develops, administers, and communicates compensation program initiatives, including classification reviews, strategies, policies and practices, salary structures, and short and long-term programs.
• Participates in the annual salary increase process and prepares related cost analyses for instructional and/or non- instructional positions.
• Manages and administers district compensation plans, including base pay, bonus programs, and additional compensation; processes payments as necessary.
• Prepares a variety of communication materials to enhance transparency and understanding of compensation plans and policies.
• Audits salary amounts on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and adherence to NC DPI policies; identifies discrepancies, investigates errors or issues, and implements solutions.
• Performs market research and responds to market surveys as necessary; analyzes market data to determine CMS’s overall competitive compensation position; makes recommendations on adjustments to market rate for salaries.
• Performs job evaluation and analysis and develops job descriptions based on job audits and/or discussions with management; determines pay classification and FLSA status.
• Researches, audits, and administers longevity payments for all eligible employees.
• Participates in activities relating to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance issues, and prepares related analyses to ensure compliance with FLSA classifications and other federal and state laws.
• Ensures employee length of service records as defined by NC DPI policies are accurate, and researches and adjusts employee records as necessary.
• Provides cost and multifactor data analysis to develop projections as needed for budgetary purposes.
• Analyzes legislation and other regulatory requirements to determine the impact to compensation programs; compiles and evaluates data.
• Researches, analyzes, and makes recommendations on new, existing, and proposed and compensation programs as required; develops procedures to implement program changes; assists in the design and development of technology systems as required.

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