Director of Digital Experience

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Lantern & Scroll is a dynamic, young, lighting design company headquartered in Charlotte with multiple storefronts nationwide, and a rapidly growing e-commerce division. Our work environment is multi-faceted, fast-paced, nimble, and well-traveled.

Every individual that encounters us in-store or at is looking for one thing: a brilliant first impression. We have several showrooms around the country but our e-commerce site is our global showroom and we want it to be as impression-making and user friendly as a design tool as our other stores. Our site needs maintenance and a fresh pair of eyes to make it the best in our industry, and to make it interactive enough for customers to educate themselves, whilst providing a captivating, hassle-free, luxe brand experience.

If you are looking to gain real-world experience in the IT, web design, and digital experience field this summer, send us your resume today as we are hiring to fill this position at once!

• Support our e-commerce site by maintaining hardware, software, and other systems
• Beautify our e-commerce site by making UX improvements on WordPress and
WooCommerce as well as other plugins/integrations.
• Wow us with your coding skills- HTML, PHP, and CSS
• GoDaddy, Olark, security certificates and all that jazz
• Assist with troubleshooting issues and provide technical support
• Organize and maintain IT resources
• Lend IT support in areas such as cybersecurity, programming, analytics, and data
center management
• Audit our website for errors/glitches…then fix them
• Speak-up with ideas and insights!

• Computer Science, Information Technology, or Management Information Systems degree
• Experience with WordPress & WooCommerce
• Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite
• Experience writing code – HTML, PHP, and CSS
• Be a go-getter! If you don’t know how to do something you are willing to search for answers and learn or try something new
• Want to work with a team of disruptors
• Willingness to travel when necessary

• This is resume gold! Gain hands-on experience as chief of a corporate IT department!
• Flexible schedule for students
• Party Fridays

To apply:
Wow us – send resume and cover sheet to (bonus points if you include one thing you might change about our website to make it more functional, mega bonus points if you can tell us how to destroy our competitors’ website rankings!)

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