Cash Confessional: 28-year-old healthcare professional makes $70,000 working inside a nursing facility

Cash Confessional: 28-year-old healthcare professional makes $70,000 working inside a nursing facility
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Our Cash Confessional series, in partnership with Bank of America, takes a personal and anonymous look into how people of all ages and incomes spend their money. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity and anonymity. 

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Tell us about yourself.

I’m 28 years old, married, and a college graduate.


Industry and income?

I’m an occupational therapy healthcare worker at a skilled nursing facility. I make $70,000. My husband makes around $80,000 with his sales job.

Before all of this, my husband and I had a few side hustles going (ex, Airbnb) where we made an additional $500 a month.

Coronavirus impacted your job?

I feel grateful to still be employed and grateful to have the opportunity to help in a time of crisis like this.

I also feel responsible to keep myself safe so that I do not spread anything to my precious patients who are at high risk.

As far as day-to-day goes, I start my day by taking my temperature and filling out a questionnaire based on COVID-19 symptoms and exposure. My patients are to stay 6-feet from each other. All new admissions from the hospital undergo screening to monitor symptoms for COVID-19 to keep residents safe.

The residents in my building haven’t been able to see their caregiver or loved ones in almost two weeks now, so I feel grateful that I am still able to go home and hug my husband.

Job security?

I am still working full time and I feel confident I will not be impacted negatively by this, at least financially speaking. My husband will more than likely be impacted at some point since he has an incentive-based salary and the world/economy is falling apart.

Rent or own?

I own a house in “MoRa.” I know, I don’t know how I feel about using that term either.  Our mortgage is $1,470.

Best purchase you’ve made this month?

Two 15-pound dumbbells costing around $40. These will help keep me sane during this quarantine.

Have you changed your spending habits since coronavirus?

I thought we were frugal before this, but we’ve taken on a whole new level just to be safe.

Purchase you’d like to make that you can’t currently afford?

Well now that I can’t go to the gym, I really wish I felt comfortable enough to buy a Peloton.

Debt and credit score?

I avoided my student loans for about 6 years after college building interest and pretending they were not there… $60,000 later.

But now, we are debt-free, other than our mortgage. It feels good finally being able to say that. We just paid off all our debts, and we’re in the process of saving (no investments made yet).

My credit score is 807.

Do you budget or track your spending?

I only spend on necessary items or things that will literally change the quality of my life. I would like to be financially free ASAP, so I always reflect on whether a purchase is making making my path to financial freedom longer.

I’d like to retire at age 45, and I’m on track.

Credit card strategy?

I have Citi American Airlines rewards card.

We were saving for a trip to Banff in Canada.

Do you invest?

We plan to invest in real estate once we have $25,000 in savings.

Where did you learn how to manage your money?

Dave Ramsey.

What do you consider “rich” in Charlotte?

Anyone who lives on Queens Road.

What are your top three financial goals?

  • Increase savings to $25,000
  • Invest in real estate (rental property)
  • Obtain financial freedom

No. 1 piece of financial advice?

Live below your means, know where your money goes, and educate yourself.

Does money motivate you?

Money is power and power is freedom — that’s what motivates me.

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