Production Associate

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Elements Brands owns a variety of consumer products companies that started as hidden gems with loyal followings. Our team of experts amplifies their awesome attributes and untapped potential, while retaining each brand’s original name and soul. Named one of Charlotte Best Places to work in 2017 & 2018 as well as a Charlotte Fast 50 Company, we have an informal, results-focused work environment filled with employees who thrive in our fast-paced, “drink from the fire hose” mentality. Elements Brands is located in Lower South End just around the corner from OMB. Learn more about each of our individual brands at

Our brands include:
• Natural Dog Company: Small-batch, healing and protective products for dogs
• KP Elements: OTC treatment for the skin condition keratosis pilaris
• Rockin’ Green: Eco-friendly detergent and cleaning supplies
• TriLASTIN: Stretch mark care products
• eb5: Pharmaceutical-grade skin care products with a cult following

Elements Brands is seeking a pet-loving person ready to push up their sleeves and step into the role of production associate for a newly established, medium size production line making small batch, artisanal balms and topical salves for dogs. You will have the opportunity to produce high quality, all-natural products for dogs in a fast paced, quick growing company.

Elements Brands takes pride in providing simple solutions that improve and maintain the health of our customer’s pets. Our customers and employees both have a passion for the welfare of their canine companions, so the ideal candidate would find fulfillment in manufacturing products of the highest quality to supply our dog-loving customers with all natural, hand-poured products that work. They will also be someone who is highly detail oriented and appreciates perfecting processes through daily repetition, and would be interested in growing a highly manual process into a semi-automated filling process. On top of that, this candidate must have great communication skills, be highly adaptable in ever growing environments, and have patience for an ever-growing process in a tight-knit group of coworkers. If you are a great team player with time management skills and are open to work that requires attention to detail for the benefit of dogs everywhere, then this would be a great opportunity to learn and develop your career.

• Lifting heavy bulk raws into the manufacturing equipment
• Manually pouring blended formulas into SKU specific packaging: tubes, tins, etc
• Setting up the packaging and components to flow seamlessly from one phase to the next
• Capping, labeling, and boxing finished goods
• Cleaning the production space and raw ingredient containers
• Quality checking batches to ensure consistency and quality across all runs
• Beneficial previous experience includes restaurant environments, crafting DIY beauty products, any highly manual/detail oriented manual process

• Be teachable and eager to learn
• Patient and consistent with highly repetitive processes
• Comfortable working in a tight-knit space
• You thrive when given autonomy to complete your work
• Have a sense of humor and the ability to roll with the punches.
• Be on time, trustworthy, and level-headed in a fast-paced environment.
• Have basic computer skills with minimum requirement of a High School Diploma.
• Have the ability to repeatedly lift 50 lbs. and more with a hand truck.
• Have a clean background and work history. Must have reliable transportation.

To apply:
Please submit your resume via email, and include one or two paragraphs on how past schooling, hobbies, or job experiences have prepared you to work at Elements Brands. All submissions should be sent via email with a PDF attachment to with the subject “Production Manager”. Any applications not submitted as PDF or without the correct subject line will not be considered.

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