Agenda Mailbag: 40 feedback letters on Sycamore sexual reindeer, crab cakes, MLS, cash confessional and library construction

Agenda Mailbag: 40 feedback letters on Sycamore sexual reindeer, crab cakes, MLS, cash confessional and library construction
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: The best crab cake in Charlotte today, according to the son of a Chesapeake Bay waterman

“That is one sexy looking crab cake, DAYUM!” – L

“I was just looking up to have crab cakes from Baltimore overnighted. Timing of this article is perfect!” – L

“Mumbo sauce?! Sign me up.” – S

“So excited to order one of these! I grew up an hour north of Baltimore and have not found anything that comes close to a good crab cake.” – R

“What a badass couple.” – C

“Sounds like a Hallmark movie.” – J

“Don’t sleep on their spicy chicken. So good. And the mac.” – B

“The crab cake is excellent!- S

In response to: The shooting death of Brooks’ Sandwich House co-owner Scott Brooks, and what’s right and wrong with Charlotte today

“Breaks my heart.” – J

“Being born and raised here, you said how I feel. My tears won’t stop. Thank you again.” – K

“I went to their restaurant to pay my respects today. I just had to. It was heartwarming to see the steady stream of cars in and out the whole time, folks from all walks. People chatting, some crying. This guy was any one of us going about their day. Prayers to their family especially his twin brother David!” – L

“My little family is new to NoDa. This breaks my heart. Such a generous family serving this little community through all of its changes. Neighbors must get back to loving neighbors. Rest in peace and may your twin brother have the courage to carry on.” – H

“Enough is enough! Charlotte we have to be better!” – R

“People who have been around the Queen City for a while tend to consistently describe it as a small, big city. Quite frankly, this past year it’s seemed like a really large city. With the constant reminders of development and growth and shootings and disagreements, one could easily become discouraged. I was afraid people had lost sight of what it truly means to be a part of a village. Until I found myself scrolling through Scott’s GoFundMe account. Until I saw the photos and videos of Brooks’s shop covered in flowers. Until I saw the hundreds of people who showed up on a rainy winter night to remember someone that was a staple in this community.” – E

In response to: Sycamore’s sexual reindeer beer cans prompts a visit from state alcohol enforcement

“Only in Charlotte would people get offended by this.” – G

“It’s 2019, we need to do away with ALE and privatize the alcohol industry in NC already!” – C

“What is humorous about taking Holiday that is Holy and sacred to hundreds of millions of people and making it obscene for commercial purposes? Sycamore has lost at least one potential costumer due to this sophomoric and tasteless descent into ‘humor.’  Low class thinkers.” – G

“Picked these up yesterday at Total Wine and honestly may not have noticed the can without this article.” – M

“I don’t get it, whats wrong with a can covered in wrestling reindeer? Get your mind out of the gutter.” – C

“Will people please just stop and think of how this obscene imagery will affect all the beer drinking children out there. I’m shocked at you all.” – K

“OK boomer.” – K

“Absurd, who would report this to ALE? It’s a product intended for adults. They’re cartoons, of reindeer! Bunch of pearl-clutchers! – A

In response to: How David Tepper fast-tracked Major League Soccer’s path to Charlotte

“(1) He has $12 billion. (2) He hired someone that understood MLS’s business model. (3) He wasn’t an ass to existing local leaders in soccer.” – K

“Why are we discussing this $100million dollars (for stadium renovation)? It’s 0.8% of the billionaire’s net worth, relative peanuts for the return he’s going to make on those renovations. As an entrepreneur this is disgusting to me. I pour everything I have into my company, why should taxpayers foot around 20% of the bill for this team? And let’s keep in mind that the investment is a terrible one. The most valuable MLS team is only worth $500M. Taxpayers are being forced to buy into a sinking ship. But hey it’ll improve the panthers valuation. Right?” – A

In response to: Grocery wars: Charlotte’s supermarket competition intensifies with the addition of newcomer Lidl

“We desperately need Wegmans grocery store! Raleigh is getting 4.”- F

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending on 27-year-old financial consultant’s $124,800 salary as she pays off over $100k in debt

“It’s always great to see another young professional in their 20s crushing their career and not being afraid to live a little. Minus the student loan debt (I’m assuming from an MBA), sounds like she’s in a great financial situation and smart about her spending and setting aside for retirement. Keep killing it out there and defining the next generation of Charlotte!” – J

“I think young people focus way too much on travel as if those places won’t be there later. I traveled in my 20s but also had a high rate of savings (thanks foreign parents) and luckily no student debt. I’d say this girl is doing pretty well relatively and making a well above average living. Stop doing yolo stuff and build some wealth.” – G

“The fact she used the words ‘salty’ and ‘triggered’ makes her 100 times less likable. Also, I just realized how old I am because I hate the new slang.” – A

“I’m assuming savings, 401k, insurances, etc were just omitted. But I could be wrong. The spending was reasonable. Good for her for taking the free coffee and making her lunch.” – J

“If you REALLY wanted to get out of debt it wouldn’t be between that or a new BMW if you won the lottery. Why do you have an Orange Theory membership when you also mentioned you go to the gym on the weekends which is free? If you’re solely just choosing to be out here living “your best life” do that, but please choose a side already. Don’t ASPIRE to get out of debt making THAT much money when you easily could/can be.” – J

In response to: 6 ways to outsource the stress of the holidays — including light installation and gift-wrapping

“The headline is a little off putting, but the fact is, is that these are actual paying jobs. With technology taking over so many careers, people will have to have this type of ingenuity to make more professions. I wouldn’t diss it too much as I’m sure these folks are probably charging north of $30 an hour for their time.” – T

In response to: Archaeology-inspired brewery coming to Lake Norman March 2020

“Another brewery… (yawn) at least this ones not going in South End like all the other ones.” – B

“Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate! This sounds awesome.” – K


In response to: The 13 best Christmas light displays in Charlotte

“You can always come to Concord and see the Fantetti Light Show. Over 120,000 lights all synchronized to Christmas music. Free show. Starts at 6-9:30 pm through Christmas Eve.” – A

In response to: Skipper is opening a 20,000-square-foot dog and human social hub with 25 beer taps in South End

“Is it creepy to go just to hang out with others people’s dogs if we don’t have a dog?” – A

“It’s awesome to see a facility like this opening! I think it is great example of how awesome Charlotte is. Companies want to invest in the city and their residents. Plus, a newer, bigger outdoor area with turf and not just concrete for my pups to enjoy and run is always a plus in my book!” – K

In response to: The 25 best new restaurants in Charlotte, right now

“I’m going to try to go to all 25 of these spots before Christmas. It’s like an interactive advent calendar, but for my belly.” – J

“Let me help you out, if a restaurant has a decorating scheme designed to induce seizures rather than enjoy the food (Hawkers), it’s focusing on the wrong thing. If you describe anything as ‘owned by the Cheesecake Factory’, leave it off of every list. If the selling point of an Italian restaurant is the fact that they employ Italian people – that’s not a great sign. There are a few great openings over the last year that really raise the bar in Charlotte, they are (in no particular order): The Crunkleton, Peppervine, Sweet Lew’s, Kiki, and Eight and Sand. The rest of your list is derivative, a chain, more hype than quality, oversalted, and/or bland.” – O

In response to: ‘The part of progress that has a downside’: What two years of library construction will mean for Charlotte

“Old boomers must have decided on this idea. Young people don’t use the library. Amazon killed that concept long ago. A glorified piece of architectural eye candy in Uptown that won’t serve a purpose. Put that money towards light rail and horrible traffic.” – M

“People read on tablets, this was a waste of money.” – P

“Thrilled for the new library complex. Money well spent, Charlotte!” – E

“Why are we talking about homeless and a library in the same sentence?” – C

“This is an outrageous vanity project. Instead of dumping $135 million into a building claiming it’s a space for the homeless or low-income to ‘use a computer’ we could spend $50 million to make modest, effective renovations to the existing building, and we’d have $85 million left over to actually help those people get a leg up. And if we can live without an Uptown library for 2 years during construction, why do we need it to begin with?” – D

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