Skipper is opening a 20,000-square-foot dog and human social hub with 25 beer taps in South End

Skipper is opening a 20,000-square-foot dog and human social hub with 25 beer taps in South End
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Skipper, the Charlotte-based dog walking company, is opening a 20,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor dog park and human social hub with 25 beer taps, plus an additional 13,000-square-foot boarding facility, in South End. Construction on the project, named Skiptown, starts January 2020.

Skiptown, at 222 Rampart St., is where dog park meets brewery meets daycare facility. “Skiptown will feel like your neighborhood backyard crossed with the ultimate playground for dogs and their humans, too,” Skipper CEO and founder Meggie Williams said.

In 2016, Skipper started as a modern dog walking company that allows you to book and monitor visits through an app. Over the last year or so, the company has expanded and opened daycare facilities in two Charlotte apartment complexes, with four more on the way. (Inspire South Park and Savoy are already open; Village at Commonwealth and Morehead Ridge are on the way; and two in South Park and Matthews have yet to be announced.)

Meggie explained the objective is for Skipper to “become the full ecosystem to support the way people care for, have fun with, and socialize around their pets. We’re the only people that see this and have the ability to do it, and if we do this right it could change everything.”

Skiptown will expand on Skipper’s technology component. So you’ll be able to register your dog for daycare or boarding, buy season and day passes to access the park, see your dog’s report card, coordinate playdates, and even order yourself a beer all through the Skipper app.

The setup: Skiptown will have roughly 12,000 square feet of outdoor space and 8,000 square feet of indoor space available for humans and pets and more than 13,000 square feet of private space for daycare and boarding pups.

The indoor/outdoor area will be an all-season playground for dogs and people, covering roughly 20,000 square feet.

It’ll feature a splash pad, boulders for climbing, shaded areas, seating, plenty of space for dogs to run, and a section for small dogs. It’ll also have tons of TVs, a giant U-shaped bar with 25 taps, a patio food trucks, leashed and off-leash spaces, and a dog wash. 

The 13,000-square-foot private daycare and boarding facility will have play equipment, private areas for group play, and kennel-free boarding options.

How to use it: For people, Skiptown will function almost like a brewery with food trucks, beer, live music, game-day viewing, trivia nights, and private event space. Unlike a brewery, the facility will be designed for dogs, so there’s actually stuff for your pups to do, too.

You get to drink beer with your friends, and your dog gets to run around and make friends, too. (I have a 1-year-old puppy and personally, I’m trilled. He gets really bored at breweries but loves doggy daycare, so this is the dream setup.)

The bar: The U-shaped bar will have three pick-up windows and 25 taps, pouring beer, wine, hard seltzer, and kombucha. You use the Skipper app to order.

Pricing: Meggie said “daycare and boarding pricing will be on par with other services in the area.”

If you’re bringing your dog, you can sign up for annual membership or buy a day pass which will get your pup access to the indoor/outdoor social facility. Humans get in for free.

We’ll keep you updated on specifics as the project progresses.

Timeline: Construction starts January 2020 with a planned opening for late spring. The exact location is 222 Rampart St.

Skiptown front  Skiptown outside area

Skiptown play area

Skiptown private play area

Renderings courtesy of Skipper

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