Agenda Mailbag: Top 40 quick feedback letters on best soups, dating, depression, tax vote, Christmas trees and new 220-acre Queen Park

Agenda Mailbag: Top 40 quick feedback letters on best soups, dating, depression, tax vote, Christmas trees and new 220-acre Queen Park
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: 220-acre version of New York City’s Central Park proposed for a longstanding north Charlotte rail yard

“No brewery? Food court? It’ll never work.” – J

“A friend just returned from a visit to Nashville and what he talked about most were the parks. Another friend went to a city in Montana and came back talking about all the greenways and people out walking and biking. They didn’t mention developments or shopping areas they mentioned the green spaces. Charlotte may attract people who want to work here but are they ‘living’ here or are we a suitcase town where they leave on weekends and holidays to go places where there are spaces to enjoy?” – A

“Just what this city needs, another thing named ‘Queen’ something. And isn’t the whole idea behind a ‘Central’ park being that its… central to the city? This isn’t even in the uptown loop and isn’t the center of anything.” – A

“I moved to Charlotte from Richmond last summer and one of the biggest things that I miss about Richmond is how much park land there is in Richmond compared to Charlotte. The four parks in each ward in Uptown are nice, but no where near big enough to support a city as big as Charlotte and events as big as a city like Charlotte should have.” – M

“I see it as a haven for crime. Crime is exploding in Charlotte already.” – A

In response to: The 23 best soups in Charlotte — including the monster bread soup from Lincoln’s Haberdashery

“I appreciate your enthusiasm for soup. I really do. However, there’s not a single vegan option on your list, and there ARE vegan soup options in Charlotte. I know because I consume them. Please try the soups at Common Market, Queen City Grounds, NoDa Bodega, Living Kitchen, the veggie chili at Eastside Local.” – D

In response to: The boy from our special report last spring was one of two teens killed in a car accident last week

“Very saddened to read this. I have followed his story. Prayers to his family.” – E

“May God make a way for this family.” – S

In response to: A Charlotte bakery owner delivers bread and comfort to migrant workers on North Carolina’s Christmas tree farms

“I grew up in the town right above Sparta on the Virginia side and now live in East Charlotte. I found this article fascinating. Instead of focusing on the legal status of these workers, and although Christmas tree work is not the most glamorous, this article shows that the workers are bringing life into an Appalachian town that needs it and that benefits all of the residents. I love and miss Appalachia.” – E

“Being from a small, rural town and having grown up on a farm as well as doing the farm labor (crops, animals), I’ve seen a huge decline in the farm help and a huge increase in migrant workers over the past few decades. If it wasn’t for all these migrant workers, we possibly would have less food to choose from in the grocery stores and farmer markets as well as fewer items we use everyday.” – L

In response to: Help us go deeper: Will you become an Agenda Member?

“At 70, I’m not your typical Agenda Member. F*** that. I take advantage of all that Charlotte has to offer and Agenda is my number 1 source for what’s going on. Wish I could pay more but I’m retired on a fixed income.” – H

“Personally don’t think I need to pay someone to tell me a Dairy Queen is closing.” – A

“What you do is like glue for the greater Charlotte community.” – C

In response to: 12 photos inside the new Holiday Inn Express, now open in South End

“For what it’s worth holiday inns have been keeping a reasonably fresh look for such a large brand and I consistently find them very clean. I run all my business expenses through a IHG credit card and just bank a ton of points. Whenever I need a hotel for a vacation or on a business trip, I can find one on points. I looked this one up, 20,000 points which I earn in 1-2 months for free.” – R

“They all look the same Ted. One photo will suffice. Riveting stuff though.” – J

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending on a 26-year-old assistant vice president’s $115k salary

“Basic bro lives basic life.” – J

“So you make $115k a year with a bonus of $10k, and you make around $20k from your side gig but you still have student loans and a car payment? Makes TOTAL sense.” – S

“BofA has ten million of these VPs. I dated one and she sat by the pool all the day on her laptop, which she maybe used 5-10 minutes at a time to check in and look like she was working.” – J

“I’m failing at life! What an impressive young man. He’s going places. Obvi his mother deserves a ton of credit.” – W

“$35 on alcohol the entire weekend and for two people! Live a little bro!” – T

“Props to this guy! Side hustle are not only fun, but can also come a FT business opportunity. Sounds like my fellow millennial is doing just fine.” – D

“Impressive. He actually sounds really smart with his money, good for him.” – L

“At least he pays his own cell phone bill.” – T

In response to: Depression is like drowning on dry land and I’ve been going under undetected for years

“The piece on depression was a bold and courageous move by the author.  It will save lives.” – C

“As a therapist your piece on depression is incredibly accurate and impactful. Thank you for sharing your story as it verbalized what depression feels like for most people. You deserve wellness and happiness!” – K

“I read your piece this morning, realizing I was holding my breath throughout. It was powerful, and I appreciate your willingness to share. Depression is soul-sucking. Keep fighting.” – S

“This stopped me in my tracks. You wrote this in such an honest and raw tone that really moved me. I can relate to some of the signs that you mention, a different scale, but they’re there. Kudos to you for humanizing something that many people don’t understand or think is a choice.” – S

In response to: Barry’s Bootcamp now open at Atherton

“My generation: I cannot afford my student debt or rent Also my generation: Here’s $325/month for boot camp classes.” – B

“You’ll lose weight there because you won’t have money for food.” – J

In response to: Voters delivered a strong message on the sales-tax increase: No.

“No one likes the government taking more of their money, especially with no oversight. That is all.” – B

“Have a vote to reduce sales tax. I’ll wager that passes in an overwhelming landslide.” – B

“Detroit, a city whose problems are well documented, has one of the best Jazz Festivals in the world. It is free to anyone who wishes to go and enjoy. It is sponsored by many of the local big businesses and, underwritten by a $25 million foundation grant (started about 20 years ago) from Gretchen Valarde, heiress to the Carhartt fortune. She also paid $5 million to have the broken water fountain, center piece of the plaza, repaired. Maybe those bigwigs that lobbied so hard for the tax could follow her example and start a foundation for the arts that would provide the benefits they state they want for the city and its people.” – C

“I’m assuming the 51,447 people that voted for the tax increase will still donate their money regardless?” – C

“People see tax increase and just automatically think ‘bad’ so they can’t be bothered to research what it actually means.” – N

“Tax was poorly thought out and poorly timed. They decided it was needed right after the budget got signed for using the increase in property taxes. The purpose of funding the arts sounds noble, so let those who use the arts pay. The way it was structured as a sales tax put a disproportionate share on the poor who don’t use the arts. It should have been part of our property taxes or income taxes, so the more wealthy who use the services pay more. I am a liberal democrat and I am more than glad to pay more in taxes as long as there is not a disproportionate burden placed on the lower income.” – K

In response to: I didn’t want him to be the ‘peanut-allergy kid’: What it’s like to have a child with severe food allergies

“Food allergies are terrifying. I developed mine at 19 and 40 and both cause anaphylactic shock. Great article about emerging options and I appreciate the acknowledgement that some people claim an allergy when it’s merely an intolerance. Kudos to these parents for handling this as well as they have.” – H

“This is so helpful as our daughter at 5 months has been diagnosed with peanut, diary and egg allergies. I am looking into the SLIT therapy option now and great to hear others are have had success using this therapy.” – K

In response to: The 50 best (and worst) dates in Charlotte, according to the people going on them

“I’m gonna save this for when I can go home, light a couple candles, and draw myself a bath.” – L

“Coffee is pretty much the only way to go with a blind date or a set up. It’s quick, cheap, and you get to peace out fast if it’s not working. If it is you can move on from there. It’s sad that someone would think to put that in the worst column.” – J

“As long as you’re not on your cell phones during the date, most anything should do.” – J

In response to: Turning Ballantyne cool: Can office parks and suburbia become ‘the place to be’?

“Start by creating connections from the McMullen Creek Greenway to the office parks to encourage bike commuting.” – C

“Cars aren’t necessary? Maybe if you flatten the entire area and start over. People won’t even walk from one end of the Stonecrest to the other.” – R

“Wouldn’t mind a developer making me an offer for my townhome in Raintree. Lol. Serious though.” – D

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