Digital Marketing Manager

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POS Nation provides point of sale software to retailers and restaurants across the country. We bundle our software, hardware and services to create customized solutions to meet a range of business needs. We currently generate hundreds of inbound and outbound SaaS leads per month, but we’re looking to generate more predictable, incremental lead flow that will ultimately generate more predictable revenue and future growth.

We are looking for an analytical and data-driven digital marketing manager to support POS Nation’s strategic marketing plan and focus on company growth.

The primary objective of the position is to generate leads and help improve their conversion rate through every stage of the sales funnel. Candidates must fully appreciate the mentality of: Let’s get X leads by spending Y dollars and that will generate Z in sales.

This will be a metrics-driven role for an experienced, innovative leader to manage our lead generation partnerships and to create a customer path through the sales funnel. This individual must be able to provide quantitative results from their past experiences in the field.

This role will be supported by our creative team, who is responsible for content creation and multi-channel distribution. The digital marketing manager will be the brains behind the strategy.

• Develop and execute a national lead generation plan.
• Generate qualified leads and conduct continuous market research to identify new prospects.
• Manage lead generation partnerships and CPC bidding.
• Work with the sales team to manage lead and prospect communication (e.g., emails, texts, etc.) and maximize conversion rates.
• A/B test everything and provide quantitative data to support each decision.
• Track RoI on every marketing initiative.
• Ensure effective internal communication within sales and marketing teams.
• Develop in-depth knowledge of the industry and our POS solutions.
• Develop knowledge of competitors’ products, pricing and services.

Our ideal candidate:
• Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or a related field.
• 3 to 5 years of experience generating B2B leads (plus the data to prove it).
• Strong analytical ability, organizational skills and a data-driven mindset.
• Experience working with SaaS companies and/or startups.
• Experience with B2B selling in the SMB space (average deal size is a few thousand dollars).
• Likes the idea of Beer Friday — or at least likes to hang out during Beer Friday.
• Bonus points if you’ve read Aaron Ross’ Impossible to Inevitable or Predictable Revenue.

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