Briefing for Monday September 21: Hot Taco statues to sports parents

Briefing for Monday September 21: Hot Taco statues to sports parents
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Hello Monday.

Big night tonight for people who commute or live on Providence Road. Charlotte’s city council is going to be considering a new development planned near Ardrey Kell Road (30,000 square feet of office/retail, a hotel and multi-family homes). If approved, it would be the third big complex in that area. City staff is actually opposed to this new plan, in part because it would create even more traffic headaches.

So the council’s decision is kind of a big deal. If they go for it, we’re talking about the next big bustling intersection at the edge of Charlotte. If they don’t, we’re kind of left in the lurch about what we really want.


Today’s Weather: 78. Cloudy. 20% chance of rain.
Today’s Stat: 77. Yards rushing Sunday by “Superman” Cam Newton, including a front-flip over the goal line. Panthers win.
Today’s Job: Pricing analyst at Family Dollar. Apply.
Today’s Charlottean: Alysia Osborne, who was just named executive director of Charlotte’s Historic West End.


Dear Hot Taco: Take your racist statues down [Deloney]
It’s just the right thing to do. Amalia explains why the “artwork” outside the new South End restaurant is offensive and offers you a chance to help do something about it.

Thirsty Beaver owners opening a new bar/restaurant concept on Monroe Road [Levans]
It’ll be Tex-Mex fare though the establishment will have a lot of the same honky-tonk vibe of the beloved Beav.

4 half-baked ideas to take Charlotte to the next level (part 5) [@thetrolleywalk]
OK, so these are definitely half-baked ideas, but I kind of love them. I love all of them. Though I don’t think the insurance implications of an Uptown apiary have been fully fleshed out.

I ate Beverly’s Gourmet meals for lunch and dinner every day for a week. Here’s why [Levans]
Was wondering why Katie’s productivity was incredible and we now have our answer. Though I hope next time she does go through with it and only eats Hot Pockets for a week.

10 ways to avoid being one of Charlotte’s idiot sports parents [Show]
You know who we’re talking about. I used to be a field supervisor at a soccer field and this stuff is real. One time I had to call the cops to escort a dad out. The kids were like 7 years old.

Parklets turned Tryon Street into a backyard oasis (20 photos + poll) [Dunn]
I really hope we make more of these permanent, and go all out on them. I’m talking comfortable furniture and plants and stuff.

Work life of Ignacio Cassinelli, Social Media Director at AC&M [Williams]
Check out the awesome desk he has. Nacho also has great tips on productivity apps.

End of summer rain dance with St. Paul & The Broken Bones [Cribb]
Rainy concerts absolutely make for great stories. I got caught in a torrential downpour at the Dave Matthews Band concert a few years back, which meant they made us all leave the venue only for the rain to stop once we were good and soaked and back to our cars. But some people with a tent let us stand with them and gave us a beer, so it was all good.

Behind the Kitchen: A conversation with Drew Dodd of Stagioni [Smith]
I, too, am on board with getting more Korean barbecue in Charlotte.


The Iron Yard’s coding courses are being delayed [email newsletter]. These are the intensive 12-week courses that prepare you to be a junior software developer. They were supposed to start in Charlotte this fall, but are being pushed back to February because of regulatory issues.

16 dogs in Charlotte are named ‘Dog’ [Price+Off/Observer]. These guys pored over the pet registration database and found some interesting things. The Panthers, obviously, make for some popular dog names. There’s also one cat named “Dog,” and two dogs named “Cat.”

Wells Fargo’s Kendall Alley joins the line to lead Charlotte Chamber [Burns/Charlotte Business Journal]. This means you’ll see a lot more of him around town in 2018. 

OMB has a new beer bar trailer [Instagram]. This thing is sweet. Made in Germany. Made to travel.

Bar under construction at Doc Porter’s Distillery [Instagram]. Looking nice! Vodka production is also well underway.

Clutch tip for a Monday: I just figured out that if you download the Hoopla app and have a Charlotte Mecklenburg Library card, you can get six free audiobooks a month. Get after it.

– Andrew

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