8 fall fashion trends priced $39.99 to $3,640 — and where to find them now at Charlotte boutiques

8 fall fashion trends priced $39.99 to $3,640 — and where to find them now at Charlotte boutiques
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We’re back at it again. And this time we get to put on chunky sweaters and elastic waist pants and other cozy things that can sometimes be slept in. It’s amazing. Join us for this season’s trends of jewel tones, bell bottoms, pistachio green and, once again, animal print.

Here’s how it comes together: Katie pores over runway reviews to see which trends are big for fall (according to actual fashion editors), texts a condensed list of trends to Mary, and then we drive around to local boutiques to see how that’s translating as everyday wear in a city that’s not exactly on the map as a major fashion hub.

Follow us to the fitting room for a casual, unedited, un-styled look at the themes we saw popping up at multiple shops — priced from $39.99 to $3,640. Where available, we’ve included links to purchase online.

Here are the stores we visited this time:

Boem – 3920 Sharon Road
Capitol – 4010 Sharon Road
CRIV – 1111 Metropolitan Ave.
Girl Tribe – 1800 Camden Road
Julie’s – 4145 Park Road
K|LA – 4123 Park Road
McKenzie Claire – 1419 East Blvd.
Poole Shop – 4010 Sharon Road
Vestique – 1532 East Blvd.


Animal Print (yes, still)

This trend has been holding on for several seasons and we’re 100 percent here for it. Sorry if you don’t like it because it’s everywhere.

Marc Jacobs leopard coat, $2,600 at Captiol

If you’re looking to drop some $$ on a winter coat this guy is super comfortable and sized to wear over chunky sweaters.

Jonesy skirt, $52 at Girl Tribe

Always love a mini + long-sleeve combo and Charlotte has the kind of erratic weather that can accommodate both ends of the coverage spectrum in one outfit.

ASTR Nikita dress, $148 at Boem

The shoes are from Boem too (and I bought them) — Zippy hidden wedge sneaker, $82

Leopard Faux Fur jacket, $82 at K|LA

I’ve been searching far and wide for the perfect black bomber but maybe I need to consider something more wild?

Dolce & Gabbana button front leopard dress, $2,845 at Capitol

The in-your-face-ness of this bold pattern in such a proper traditional silhouette is *chef’s kiss* perfect.

Dolce & Gabbana short leopard dress, $2,295 at Capitol

If full shoulder to ankle leopard print is too much for you, this dress is also available in a shorter, more playful above-the-knee option.

Pantara Cardi, $114 at Boem

A nice and subtle earth-tone sweater.

At Your Earliest Convenience skirt, $52 at Vestique

Silk midi animal print skirts are about as common as jeans these days, and you can bury me in this one. I bought it.

BB Dakota Hot Spots dress, $100 at Boem

I’ll be the first to say I’m not an expert on office appropriate attire since I wear crop tops around the Agenda HQ, but I’m going to venture to guess this is a safe enough bet in most settings. You can also dress down with sneakers and a cropped black (vegan) leather coat for happy hour and beyond.

Millennial Purple

So long, millennial pink. Purple has arrived. This trend hasn’t quite landed in Charlotte yet, and what we did manage to find skewed more into dusty rose territory than what really lies ahead in vibrant hues of violet and lilac. Some shop owners said purple is expected to hit Charlotte in spring inventory. For now, we did our best.

Mustard Seed dress, $44.99 and Julie wedge sneaker, $39.99 at Julie’s

Millennial purple even looks good on elder millennials. Also that cinched waist is 100.

Layered in Lilac dress, $62 at Vestique

A cooler girl than I would wear this with boots and some kind of big hat I can’t pull off and pose in a vineyard or something.

BB Dakota jacket, $100 at Boem

Boem isn’t great at carrying big-girl sizes, but I did find this fluffy jacket that wouldn’t zipper up on me.

The Quinn Dress, $58 at Girl Tribe

Almost-purple dusty lavender color aside, it’s also worth pointing out that this style of tiered ruffle mini-skirt is everywhere right now. Again, for fall you’d pile on an oversized sweater and boots or sneakers to make it work.

Gold and Silver

Shine on as shimmery lamé fabrics make a comeback ahead of the holiday season.

Current Air Venetian top, $108 at Boem

I couldn’t find a direct link to the top (it’s available in the store) but a long pleated version of a skirt is available online.

Current Air gold skirt, $108 and Hysteria Tour Weekend tee, $70 at Boem

How many girls will we see wearing this exact skirt on New Year’s Eve?

I tried it on, too. The answer to Mary’s question is me. You will probably see me wearing it. (Please note another tiered mini skirt.)

Entro gold sleeve shirt, $39.99 and Roaming Wyoming boots, $44.99  at Julie’s

Almost bought the shirt, did buy the boots.

Truth Hurts pants, $58 at Girl Tribe

These pants are 100 percent Lizzo approved.

Jewel Tones

Can’t afford fine jewelry? Wear the colors of gemstones instead — like amethyst purple, emerald green and citrine yellow.

(I, Katie, selectively avoided this trend because my neutral earth-tone soul can only handle two color trends per season, thank you.)

Monica skirt$52 and CLT Leopard tee, $38 at Girl Tribe

Is it just me or do skirts keep getting shorter? Let’s just say I wasn’t going to do any bending in this amethyst number.

Astoria sweater, $52 and Leopard Lady skirt, $38 at Girl Tribe

I kept stupidly mixing trends together and then not knowing which category to put them in so here you have a jewel tone sweater and animal print skirt.

Rachel Lurex Doss skirt, $595 and Pink Floyd tee, $160 at Poole Shop

Do you think Katie is going to yell at me for constantly pairing skirts with oversized T-shirts?

Wyoming Adventure pants, $49.99 and Basics & Waffles top, $34.99 at Julie’s

Yes! These are pants!


Scarecrow chic is very seasonally appropriate.

Rianna and Nina maxi dress, $3,640 at Capitol

Someone buy me this, my husband won’t let me spend $3,000 on a dress.

Playing on Repeat dress, $72 at Vestique

A feel like a doll from Little House on the Prairie.

Moving Far Along skirt, $58 at Vestique

It’s a tiered mini skirt (!!!!!!!)

Bell Bottoms

Your mom rocked these pants back when she was still making out with random dudes in her college dorm room. Now it’s your turn.

Rocketman denim, $72 and Marge sweater, $48 at Girl Tribe

1. Pair your bell bottoms with this millennial purple sweater. 2. Take a photo in front of the South End Heart Wall. 3. Become the next hot Charlotte influencer.

Black distressed bell bottoms, at Vestique

These look like denim but actually have an elastic waistband and slip on like leggings.

Untamed pants, $52 and Blogger Babe sweatshirt, $52 at Girl Tribe

Double points if you wear bell bottoms that are also animal print. Also, they made me put on this sweatshirt. I am not an influencer.


The most predictable of fall trends is back every year. Do we even need to discuss it?

Stephan Tartan dress $1,125 at Capitol

I love plaid. I love dramatic sleeves. This dress is perfect.

I tried it on, too. You can tie the wings behind you for a more tailored look or fly free like Mary.

Rentrayage plaid skirt, $1,495 at Capitol

This skirt pairs great with a very wrinkled “My Favorite Murder” T-shirt.

Pistachio Green

Like purple, green is trying to oust pink for the title of favorite millennial color. And like purple, green isn’t all over the place in Charlotte. Yet. Bright pops of lime and chartreuse are probably on the way, but the color most cited on fall runways was pistachio — a cool, almost pastel minty green.

Lee Matthews puff sleeve dress, $600 at Capitol

I know this is more of an army green but I had to. This is one of those items you have to get off the hanger and onto your body to appreciate, especially the sleeve detail.

Rachel Taylor fluffy coat, $795 at Poole Shop

The air conditioning was broken at Poole Shop and this coat is extra fluffy so I almost died of heatstroke in the name of fashion you’re welcome.

The Kinsley dress, $62 at Girl Tribe

I’m convinced this dress would look good on every body type. Prove me wrong.

I tried it on to prove Mary wrong but her theory holds — it works for both of us. (And what do you know, the tiered mini skirt strikes again.)

The Avery Romper, $52 at Girl Tribe

Surprise! This is a romper. Yes, there are shorts under there. This is obviously a lingering summer item, but the color is what counts here. It can be made fall-appropriate with a cropped jacket and tall boots.

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