How much does it cost to date in Charlotte?

How much does it cost to date in Charlotte?
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It costs about $2,400 a year to date in Charlotte, according to an informal survey of Agenda readers.

Earlier this month we asked our newsletter subscribers to take an anonymous survey on the cost of dating in Charlotte. Ninety people responded.

The average dater in Charlotte goes on four dates per month, using apps such as Bumble and Hinge or friends to meet these prospects, and spending around $50 per date.

Most participants, 68 percent, said they believe what they typically spend is average. Eighteen percent say dating in Charlotte is actually affordable; 14 percent say it’s expensive.

A recent survey from cites the average cost of a date in North Carolina is $88.53 — the 19th lowest in the country. Still, that means $50 would be well below average.


New York is the most expensive state for dating, clocking in at an average of $297.27 per date. South Dakota is the least with an average of $38.27 per date.

Sixty-nine percent of heterosexual people who participated in the survey said that the man should cover the cost of a first date, although many noted that the woman should offer to contribute or cover the tip. Thirteen percent said you should split the bill, and 10 percent said whoever initiated the date should step up and pay.

One 24-year-old guy said, “I think I’d feel weird if I didn’t pick up the tab on the first date. However, if things progress to more dates, I think it’s fair to split the bill or maybe the girl you’re with at least offering to pay every now and then.”

Most female respondents agree. They say that although the man pays on on a first date, they’ll at least offer to contribute or cover some other cost if the date carries on into the evening — for a post-dinner drink, for instance.

“I believe both participants should offer. If the date goes well, the person who initiates the date typically pays. If the date isn’t successful, it should be split,” one 30-year-old woman said.

Fifty-two of our daters mentioned dinner accompanied by drinks when asked about their most expensive evenings.

Barcelona, O-Ku, and Fahrenheit came up consistently as some of the most expensive dinner dates.

Other pricey picks included outings to Hornets and Panthers games with pre-game meals or drinks.

One 36-year-old woman said the most expensive date she’s been on was probably around $115. They went to dinner and four breweries. “It was nice to go to so many different places, but it adds up.”

One 28-year-old participant spent $800 on dinner (and obviously a really, really nice bottle of wine) at Oak Steakhouse and says, “It went very great.”

He typically spends $175 on his dates and thinks the cost of dating in Charlotte is average.

Expensive first dates don’t always lead to second meetings, of course. Sometimes a simple date filled with good conversation is what leaves Charlotte daters wanting more.

A 28-year-old female dater told us she was treated to a $400 first date once. “I think the guy was trying to flaunt his money. It was also a last date.”

And another woman in her late 30s told us she’s still thinking about a recent casual brunch date at Suffolk Punch. “It went great. Still thinking about that guy,” she said.  (So…ball’s in your court, sir.)

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