What it means when your date orders these 11 Charlotte dishes

What it means when your date orders these 11 Charlotte dishes
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We all overanalyze our dates. I once spent an hour on the phone with a friend trying to decipher a guy’s choice of Hickory Tavern. Was he thinking of just getting drinks? Were we going to eat dinner? Was there some game on that he wanted to watch behind my head because he thinks I’m boring? These are the questions we all ask ourselves.

But don’t worry. Dion and I have studied the Charlotte dating scene for years and are here to help. To clear up a few dating mysteries, here are 11 popular Charlotte dishes your date might order and what it could mean about your date:

Philly cheesesteak egg rolls at Seoul Food Meat Co.

Your date is 100 percent not planning on taking you home tonight. Unless he’s packing a mini bottle of Pepto-Bismol, he’s not even up for a goodnight kiss. It’s almost endearing in a respectful Baptist church camp kind of way. Maybe this Southern gentleman will open up more on date two.

10-ounce filet (add lobster tail) at Beef ‘n Bottle

He’s eager to impress you but bad with money. What’s another $110 on a credit card when you already owe $15,000? Offer to go dutch on the second date and casually mention you know a great financial advisor.


Hummus appetizer at Kabab-Je

This is a test. He’ll ask you to try it, and if you don’t say it’s the best hummus in the world, you will not pass. Don’t bother bringing up the whitebean hummus at The Manchester. This is not up for debate.

The Hangover at Bang Bang Burger without fries, but she ate some of yours

The intimacy here is through the roof. This could be your last first date. If she casually dips her fries into your Bang Bang sauce, then make yourself an appointment at Diamonds Direct.

Plateau Grand at La Belle Helene

She clearly thinks your job at Bank of America has a six-figure salary. Maybe you exaggerated the importance of the Systems Analyst role just a little when you said, “That place would tank without me.” This $100 seafood tower will be a lesson in honesty.

A slice of cheese at Pizzeria Sapienza

Ordering this $5 New York delicacy means she’s a real salt-of-the-earth type of girl. You won’t catch her in Fit Atelier at Burn Boot Camp with a $90 water bottle. No, she likes pizza, beer, Stevie Nicks, and her apartment is right upstairs. You’re getting lucky, but don’t catch feelings. She’s just having a good time.

Charred oysters from The Crunkelton

You already know what this means. Congrats!

Tomato bisque and grilled cheese from Mayobird

She’s doesn’t like chicken salad, but you set up a lunch date at a chicken salad spot. Idiot. But wait, maybe she’s just high-maintenance and has to be different? Or maybe it’s fall and she’s looking for something warm? Either way, you feel guilt. You feel confused. And it’s a lunch date. Who does lunch dates? Why did you do that? It’s over before it even begins.

Heirloom greens at Barcelona

You chose a tapas restaurant, cute. But if he insists on ordering a salad for one … don’t expect to go home and start brainstorming wedding hashtags.

Latte with nut milk at Undercurrent Coffee

Listen to me. This coffee date was your chance to show her you’re an intelligent, mature gentleman. Don’t you dare screw it up by laughing at “nut milk.” It’s not even that funny of a phrase. Nut milk. OK, it’s kind of funny. Damn, now you giggled. Blew it.

Cookie Monster cone at Two Scoops

Check his I.D. You might be getting catfished. Did he also ask you to follow him on TikTok and invite you to make out in the Whole Foods parking deck?

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