Sales Manager

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The Sales Manager (SM) is the company’s chief executive charged with location and line of business (LOB) growth. The SM is broadly responsible for overseeing and helping drive location and line of business growth. The position is supported by and works closely with the company’s Executive Committee (EC), the COO and Marketing staff in achieving sustained revenue, stability, profitability, value growth and geographic and LOB enhancement. The position reports to the Executive Committee


• Serves as chief ECE executive, overseeing Location Managing Directors (LMDs) and Line of Business Managers (LOBM).
• Maintains a visible presence throughout the company’s locations, markets and LOBs, delivering a unifying message about the company’s direction, priorities and operations.
• Recommends strategy, helps implement and holds managers accountable for results.
• Recommends any changes, as required, to the company’s governing documents, CORE program, policies and practices and organizational structure to the Executive Committee.
• In conjunction with the Executive Committee, sets the company’s direction, priorities and plans as to;
– Setting ECE strategic growth priorities for locations and lines of business.
– Recommends director leadership assignments.
– Participates in planning and operational meetings with locations and lines of business.
– Meets with Executive Committee as needed.
– Prepares and submits updates to Executive Committee.
– Conducts and coordinates performance reviews with Location Manager Directors and Line Of Business Managers.
– Recommends CORE compensation and equity rebalancing changes as needed to the Executive Committee.
Day-to-day operations
• Engage and work with location managers and line of business managers.
• As granted by relevant company policies.

Skills and experience:
The Sales Manager should have a strong business acumen, experience in the entertainment industry, a broad understanding of sales and how it relates in the entertainment industry, experience in leadership and overseeing a sales staff, an acute understanding of driving revenue and maximizing profit, used to strategically looking at data and extracting meaningful trends, creative in nature and able to understand and implement new ideas, strategy and drive ideas, working closely with the ECE marketing team.

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