Corporate Account Executive

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The Corporate Account Executive is charged to help grow QC Catering sales by finding leads, prospecting, closing sales, supporting existing clients, formulating sales strategies and communicating and presenting product value to clients. They have a solid understanding of full-service events from start to finish and thrives in creating an experience for clients, while working cross-departmentally with operations.

Expected hours are 40-48 hours per week on average and potentially more during increased seasonality business. More important than hours worked is the ability to get the job done and ensure company and sales success. Salary starting at low to mid 40’s, based on past work experience, plus competitive commission.

• Sell Full-Service Corporate Events.
• Meet and exceed agreed-upon monthly targets and annual goal, as well as closing ratios.
• Create weekly prospecting lists.
• Upsell throughout event process, adding additional value to client experience.
• Owns the Corporate FS and LS business and takes a large overall view and provides input on overall menus, operations and presentation of events.
• Daily Prospecting via phone and in person.
• Management of vendor/venue relationships .
• Present to a minimum of 8 companies per week, in or out of the office.
• Daily prospecting to new and/or companies that haven’t used us in 1 year or more or existing companies that have additional departments/ business.
• Work closely and cross-sell with QC Direct and Weddings.
• Attend a minimum of 2 networking events per month.
• Oversee proposals, beo’s and details for full-service corporate events and see event through to final execution and payment.
• Be a positive influence always and continue growing oneself and the QCC team in personal and professional development.
• Consistently keeping a pulse on competitors products and services.
• Manage client feedback and respond in a timely fashion.
• Make suggestions to Sales & Marketing Manager on suggested improvements for Corporate Full-Service Events to enhance client experience on a scheduled basis.
• Participate in weekly sales meeting and weekly 1-1 meeting with Sales & Marketing Manager.
• Adherence to all company policies & procedures.
• Utilization and upkeep of records in CaterEase.

• Aggressive, proactive, closer.
• Minimum 3 years Hospitality experience.
• Minimum of 5 years sales experience.
• Exemplary planning and time management skills.
• Up-to-date with event trends.
• Ability to multitask and prioritize daily workload.
• High level verbal and written communications skills.

Desired traits:
• Team player.
• Positive, can-do attitude, ready to troubleshoot at all times.
• Proactive. Forecasts situations before they happen, often setting up redundancies.
• Planner. Enjoys planning.
• Dedicated.
• Hard worker.
• Strong communication skills. Proficient in general writing and business emails.
• Tactful confidence.
• High adaptability.
• Prioritization. Strong ability to understand and shift urgent needs vs future.
• Strong attention to detail.
• Takes pride in appearance and professionalism. Facilitates company culture.
• Strong sense of follow-through.
• Approachable.
• Respectful of positions.
• Dependable and reliable.
• Willingness to learn.

To apply:
Email resume, cover letter and DISC assessment to Liz Vetter at

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