Agenda Mailbag: Top 35 quick feedback letters on Plaza Midwood, Lidl opening, Airbnb for RNC, chicken sandwiches and daycare

Agenda Mailbag: Top 35 quick feedback letters on Plaza Midwood, Lidl opening, Airbnb for RNC, chicken sandwiches and daycare
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: Tenants’ fate uncertain as a prominent property in Plaza Midwood goes up for sale

“If it gets torn down, hopefully they will build something that Charlotte really needs, like a brewery with faux-industrial decor, Edison lights, trivia, Jenga, 6 lackluster IPAs on tap, and children running around unsupervised while Grayden, Brayden, Madison, and Becky discuss how much is left in their trust funds.” – R

“I remember when the Harris Teeter down the street was being built and all the residents of the area complaining. However, the day that it opened, there were very few complaints form the residents. In fact, the place was absolutely packed.” – C

“Hopefully those parking lot ticket writers lose their jobs. Not that I’m bitter or anything.” – K

In response to: Hundreds of gently used designer pieces selling for deep discounts out of Myers Park home — today through Saturday

“This is the coolest idea ever.” – J

In response to: Festival in the Park expects 100,000 visitors over 3 days

“As someone who lives extremely close to Freedom Park, the Festival in the Park is the weekend I dread most every year. The Festival has gotten too big for a neighborhood park with inadequate parking. It needs to move to somewhere else that can handle the crowds. Our neighborhood cannot handle a thousand people parking on the street for the duration of the weekend.” – M

In response to: I should have listened to my pediatrician and signed up for daycare early, but I didn’t

“I was about three months pregnant when I toured daycares and there were legitimately people on my tours who had just gotten engaged/married – not a baby in the womb – and were putting their names on waiting lists!” – T

“30 years ago my children were in a daycare and my neighbor was not able to get her son in the same one so she found one at a church. All was fine until one night he walked in and started ‘preaching’ at us for having a glass of wine! We smiled (and then poured our wine in solo cups). Then he come over and we hear him telling my children that Disney World was a bad place and he could never go – when we asked him what that was about we were told that his ‘teacher’ told his group that they should never go to that place. My friend called the next day to find out they were opposed because Disney was allowing gays to have a pride parade/weekend and they didn’t approve. Neighbor’s child was immediately removed and thankfully she found a spot where my children were. Beware of who is watching your child they are teaching them their views and you may have a more compassionate heart.” – A

In response to: Rush Bowls has closed after just a few months in NoDa

“The food scene in NoDa is a little bit weird, I think if there were a few more mainstreams places (not chains, but like burgers, streaks, chicken, BBQ) then it could provide more foot traffic for the more niche places. I can’t think of a place in NoDa that I’d personally go out of my way too. See Plaza Midwood for a good example of a restaurant mix.” – N

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending for two entrepreneurs bringing in a total of $235,000 annually

“$150k after taxes. Sounds like they’re reasonably smart with what’s left.” – R

“What a relatable article, I’ll be sharing this one over a bottle of Dom Pérignon Rose Gold with the fellas on the helicopter ride to my super yacht this weekend.” – N

In response to: Pick-your-own flowers, fresh produce and farm stand coming to 11-acre farm 25 miles from Charlotte

“I love seeing new ideas from Charlotte entrepreneurs! Can’t wait to get out there this Spring!” – K

In response to: Confessions of a Charlotte nonprofit professional

“After almost 25 years in the nonprofit sector, EVERYTHING they said rings true!” – J

“Most of this is absolutely true about working in nonprofits, especially the level of competition that exists. However, I disagree with the comment about not giving through United Way. For a small nonprofit who’s entire staff is programmatic, any time spent on fundraising is taking away from direct community work. Having an organization, like United Way, that has expertise in and is focused on fundraising, so that the smaller organizations don’t have to spend as much time on it individually, is an efficient use of resources.” – M

In response to: Link & Pin plans October opening in South End — will have tableside cocktails and mimosa trays

“This place sounds incredible, kind of a Duckworth’s meets The Crunkleton.” – J

“Charlotte restauranteurs just commit to a concept rather than throwing everything that’s currently popular at the wall and hoping for the best. A menu with poke (Hawaiian), Korean-style cauliflower, Mexican street corn, pork gyoza (Japanese), poutine (Canadian), chicken and waffles (soul food), bibimbap (Korean), lobster rolls (Maine), and pasta (Italian)? Give me a break, is this a decent restaurant or the Cheesecake Factory?” – O

In response to: Newcomer grocer Lidl plans to expand into south Charlotte near Fresh Market and Amelie’s

“We just need a Wegmans.” – S

“Don’t expect the produce department to EVER look this good! The prices are great, but the Indian Trail location is constantly picked over.” – J

“Don’t believe it until it is built. They left a hole in the ground in South End after they tore down buildings, and then decided they didn’t want to clean the site up.” – B

“We haven’t shopped at a Lidl but we love the Carmel Commons plaza and live right across the street! I find Fresh Market to be completely overrated and overpriced for just about anything so it will be nice to have something affordable close by if I need anything!”- C

“I am looking forward to this being nearby … and never going there. Harries Teeter, Aldi, Fresh Market, Walmart Neighborhood Market are all less than a mile away. As well and TJ, Earth Fare, Whole Foods, BJs and Sam’s are all  less than 3 miles away. This area is so stacked with grocery options.” – E

In response to: Listing your home on Airbnb for the RNC in 2020? Here’s how much money you can make

“We rented our 4 bed 2 bath house in Plaza Midwood for the DNC and got $8k for the week.” – K

“Do you think people coming in for the RNC would mind the life size portrait of Hillary Clinton hanging above my fireplace?” – A

“How much will the exorcism and home cleansing cost?” – K

In response to: Team behind Soul Gastrolounge opening new concept named KiKi — get ready for pocket rooftop terrace and seated liquor lounge

“Let’s hope there is an elevator with access to Soul as well!” – E

“Midwood is blowing up!”- H

In response to: New chicken shack named Bossy Beulah’s opening next to Noble Smoke — serving “The Beaut” sandwich

“Finally. We need more restaurants on Freedom Drive.” – E

“Popeye’s who?” – J

“Had me until the Dukes mayo that’s disgusting!” – K

In response to: The 6 best spots for a first-time backpacking trip within 2.5 hours of Charlotte

“Love backpacking in Shining Rock Wilderness. The bear canister requirement in is no joke though, bears have become pretty bold in campsite areas there.” – M

In response to: Agenda Election Roundup: South Charlotte went all-in for Dan McCready, but Dan Bishop won the 9th District

“Thank God Bishop won!” – P

“Thank you Dan McCready for running an honest campaign. We are proud if you. You’ll be back.” – E

“Whoever came up with ‘Greedy Dan McCready’ needs a promotion. And the jingle to go along with it was priceless.” – C

“As an Independent, I couldn’t vote for McCready knowing he had no choice but follow the socialist movement that appears to be taking over the Democrat Party. He seemed like a good candidate, but I’m afraid he wouldn’t have a voice.” – J

In response to: 14 must-try chicken sandwiches in Charlotte

“I’m not trying 14 different chicken sandwiches.” – R

“I want all 14 at once.” – M

“Oh my GOSH… GUYS! The Mr. Crispy chicken sandwich at Lebowski’s belongs on this list.” – E

“If you go to Fran’s, also try the chicken sammich with goat cheese and red pepper jelly. It’ll make your taste buds giggle.” – D

“The chicken torta from Rhino Market & Deli is still the undisputed king of lunch-chicken.” – M

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