Real Estate Portfolio Manager

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Charlotte’s local government, with more than 7,000 employees and a $2.39 billion budget, works hard to ensure that the community will be a winning city for everyone – a truly remarkable place to live, work, learn and play.

The goal of the City of Charlotte’s General Services Department is to guide agencies through innovative and efficient deployment of resources to meet their missions and fulfill the needs of the City in a rapidly evolving and complex environment. The Department will design and deliver expanded, shared services across departments and for the City of Charlotte to improve performance and save taxpayer money. General Services consists of capital project management, fleet services, procurement, environmental services, property management, stormwater services and other support services. The Department guides City departments through innovative and efficient deployment of resources to meet their missions.

The Real Estate Portfolio Manager position is based in the Real Estate Division of the Department of General Services and manages lease agreements, land acquisition and disposition portfolio for assigned City Departments.

Major duties and responsibilities:
• Identifies and coordinates the acquisition of City-owned land for various City Departments and public purposes in accordance with statute/adopted policies.
• Assess acquisition opportunities, conducts site visits, prepares financial analysis and negotiates contracts.
• Coordinates arrangements for appraisals, title reports, environmental reviews and surveys.
• Present acquisition and disposition referrals before the joint use task force committee and department leadership meetings.
• Research property-specific information such as easements, location of utilities, potential access, zoning, etc.
• Utilize database and preparation of property informational materials for marketing City-owned properties/requests for Notices of Intent to Reserve Easement.
• Prepare property evaluation reports on property for sale or lease to be used for project site selection decisions.
• Assist Division Manager in assessing property inventory.
• Identify potential surplus properties based on provided criteria.
• Assist with disposition process if property approved for transfer or sale.
• Assist with accounts payable, accounts receivable, departmental transfers, data entry into various real estate management databases.
• Coordinate and track service requests, prepare marketing materials, creating property maps and descriptions for use on webpage.
• Perform other related duties as assigned

Knowledge, skills and abilities:
• Thorough knowledge and understanding of regulatory standards and legal requirements related to leasing, sale, purchase of buildings and surrounding properties.
• Effectively communicate and establish working relationships with public officials, property owners, tenants, external contractors and others.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Effective presentation skills.
• Ability to draft and/or review business contracts and appraisal documents.
• Computer skills to maintain various departmental records, documents and reports.
• Ability to identify the short-term and long-range plans for the lease and/or sale of properties.
• Demonstrated ability to effectively serve as a leader and member of team.
• Proficiency in MS Office applications and real estate databases.
• Interest and ability to learn new applications.
• Well organized.
• Ability to take direction form a variety of sources and prioritize assignments.
• Ability to make decisions regarding urgent property situations.
• Knowledge of real estate law, legal terminology, general law regarding property management.
• Ability to read surveys, plats, GIS applications.
• Ability to research, gather, analyze and organize information in a variety of formats.
• Ability to conduct specialized research of real property ownership including title searches.
• Demonstrates self-awareness.
• Customer-focused and adaptable.
• Ability to use discretion when working with confidential information.

• High School diploma/GED with 7 years of relevant work experience or an Associate’s degree with 5 years of relevant work experience or equivalent combination of education and relevant experience that provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform the essential job duties.
• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Political Science, Finance or Planning.
• Master’s or Law degree.
• Real Estate Broker License within six months of hire.

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