Agenda Mailbag: Top 40 quick feedback letters on wedding trends, Coliseum V, chain restaurants, country clubs and all-you-can-eat sushi

Agenda Mailbag: Top 40 quick feedback letters on wedding trends, Coliseum V, chain restaurants, country clubs and all-you-can-eat sushi
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: The 5 wedding trends Charlotte couples need to abandon

“Against the mother son dance? Do you have a mother? It’s not about the groom, it’s about his mother. Also, sounds like you have some cheap friends who have never been to anyone’s wedding but their own before.” – A

“A new low for the Agenda. Great job guys!” – R

“This is genius. I 100% agree with everything stated! – M

“Nothing is worse than a guest who complains about parties they can attend for free.” – M

“This is the stupidest article that Agenda has ever published. Pure crap.” – K

“Why all the hate? I thought this piece was light-hearted and funny. I guess you’re not allowed to be single and snarky in this city? You have to be married, engaged, or moving at light speed in that direction. One thing about Charlotte is that people take their weddings more seriously than climate change, the economy, nuclear proliferation, and world hunger combined.” – M

“Many people dream of dancing with their parent on their wedding day. Actually MOST. I have danced with my four sons in the kitchen since the day they were born. I am a mom and in the wedding industry and nothing you are saying here is true.” – A

“Dion is back!!!” – C

“Charlotte is so sensitive, especially with the truth. Everything Dion is arguing is 100% correct. The truth stings, which is why the Facebook comments look like a war zone.” – J

“I’m tired of the honkey tonk $30k barn or rustic vineyard weddings. Weddings are for vows, not COWS.” – B

“Sweet Caroline, Electric Slide, I hope you dance, Cha cha slide, YMCA — Just stop!” – J

In response to: “Action bar” named Coliseum V opening September 19 near Plaza Midwood — will have archery tag and 22 virtual reality booths

“I feel like this place is missing the American Gladiators tennis ball gun.” – J

“Omg omg omg. Just look at this! WE HAVE TO GO! This is everything! Christmas party? Girls night? Date night? They said Hoppin’-style. AHHHH! I am freaking out.” – C

“Location, location, location! If this place fails that will be why.” – T

“Take all our money.” – C

In response to: All-you-can-eat conveyor-belt sushi restaurant quietly opens in Elizabeth

“Lawd yes.” – W

“This is what we’ve been training for!” – L

“Give me ALL the soy sauce out of a drink dispenser!” – P

“I love cheap mystery fish! Mercury is the sweetest of the transitional metals, after all.” – M

“Too much like the airport. Do you really know how long that suitcase has been going around and around.” – K

In response to: Top 10 country clubs in Charlotte, ranked — including pricing data

“Your list doesn’t include Midwood Country Club. Start over.” – L

“These spots need to raise the initiation fees to well over $100k (or we need more country clubs). There are wait lists at Charlotte Country Club, Myers Park, Carmel and Quail — even Carolina has a wait list. And what does it say about our city that we’re 50 out of 50 (dead last) in economic mobility, but all our country clubs have waiting lists?” – W

“Anybody a member at any of the big 4 and need a 4th?” – R

In response to: 30 must-do fall activities in Charlotte

“Our fall guide on one page.” – A

“Fall bucket list.” – G

In response to: Coffee shop, bar, community hub planned for last standing remnants of historic Brooklyn neighborhood

“Please, Dear God, let this city learn to embrace its past, small though it be, and honor the buildings and areas of Brooklyn. I miss the north and its abundant and rich history daily as I walk through the ultra sterile and ’empty of any of history’s rich past’ in uptown. This city isn’t just home or available to the over run millennial population and bankers; there are so many other people among us.” – A

“Standing ovation for what Jason and Lindsey and what they are doing here! May city planners and developers take note on how saving, recreating and involving community is far better than the alternative. I hope some heavy hitters (the Hugh McColls of CLT) stand behind them and support their efforts and perhaps we can Save the Queen from the box developments.” – F

In response to: Cash Confessional: a week of spending on 25-year-old insurance coordinator’s $40,000 salary

“I saw the ‘living with parents in Mooresville and just moved to NoDa,’ I don’t want to hear about how you choose to spend your money you saved living without paying living expenses.” – E

“Her portion of $650 for rent, water, sewer, cable and WiFi is nothing on a $40K salary – they’re very lucky to have found that place.” – L

In response to: You’ll now be able to stroll through McGill Rose Garden with wine in hand

“I’ve been waiting for this to happen.” – A

“Love this concept” – R

In response to: The 6 stages of Charlotte restaurant closing grief

“Local generally is better, though chains have their place. I am sad that so many national places are replacing the local restaurants. It changes the character that makes South End special.” – B

“Siggy’s was incredible! I am still in mourning about that closure.” – C

“Owen’s Bagels is overdue for a new location. The demand for it outweighs the difficulty of finding a new location.” – N

“Who cares if Barcelona is owned by Del Frisco’s? Just because something is a chain it is not bad. It is when you get to be an Applebees/Chilis/etc. is when you start to lose quality. I actually like smaller chains because they have consistency and they are solid quality.” – J

In response to: New Orleans-inspired brunch concept named Ruby Sunshine opening in South End across from Seoul Food

“Any future diet you plan is screwed.” – A

In response to: Uptown bus center may transform into new mixed-use development — could include office tower, hotel and retail

“Use design that captures the style and class that was seen in the classic hubs that came about in places such as New York and Savannah, GA when mass transit was new and cities wanted to make a statement!” – D

“Anything that involves the bus station remaining on that site will ruin the project. That bus station is a nest of crime, homelessness and drug deals. It was a major reason I moved away from that area.” – H

In response to: NoDa’s 28206 zip code is about to get the ‘South End treatment’

“I moved to NoDA because of what it IS… NOT the South End! There goes the neighborhood.” – K

“NoDa sucks and South End is awesome, so what’s the issue?” – P

“This is necessary, people!” – B

In response to: Confessions of a Charlotte stay-at-home mom

“As a mom of twins, I can relate to all of this and I work outside of the home. Each day is a routine and you just grind it out. It’s hard to connect with friends with or without kids for a breather and conversation. Online mom groups definitely help.” – S

“I’m thankful my wife was willing and we were able to have her stay home with my two daughters. Most important and most difficult (when done right) job: full-time Mom.” – R

“I was fortunate to stay at home one year after the birth of each of my sons and then lucky to have grandparents that could help when I traveled out of town for business after I divorced ( they were still very young) – also lucky to have a divorced friend with a son in between their age so we helped each other a lot. you need a solid support system if you work or not. I missed a lot when I had to go back to work so I’m making it up helping some with my grandson. Don’t hate me when I say enjoy this time because you will blink and be dropping them off at college sooner than you think.” – A

In response: Have you heard about the luxury, all-inclusive package at The Duke Mansion? I booked it for a total of $262

“Well, this sounds like the perfect romantic staycation. Consider it booked.” – W

“That $100 upgrade is a deal – you get it all back and then some with the add ons – IMPRESSED!” – A

“I would love to show you some of the secret hiding places in this lovely home. Hopefully they have not been covered up. I took inventory of the house after the fire in ’67.” – J

In response to: 16 biggest private schools in Charlotte, ranked by the cost of tuition

“Considering what daycare costs for some facilities, this is not a huge surprise” – J

“$300,000 to send your kid to private school k-12 —  imagine all the lives of people in need you could impact with that money.” – R

“Yeeeeeah, seeing things like this just further reinforces my decision to be on #teamnokids.” – J

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