Senior Graphic Designer (HIRED)

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We’re looking for a Senior Graphic Designer to join our growing team. This design powerhouse must live, eat and breathe creativity. We want you to lead a creative brainstorming session like a bawse and mentor our junior designers, well, like an actual boss.

The killer candidate will be a strong graphic designer (duh) who can whip up a marketing campaign in their sleep. Our department runs a custom design shop for more than 1,400 mortgage loan officers. We understand that you probably have no idea what that means. That’s OK, we’ll give you the CliffsNotes: The work is fast-paced, diverse, fun and not too mortgagey.

Minimum requirements
• 3-5 years of design experience.
• Fluency in all Creative Suite programs and Sketch.
• Willing to be an owner of projects and a mentor.
• Receptive to constructive critique and growth.
Even better
• A dash of digital design experience.
• Familiar with Unbounce.
• Rolls with all the jokes.

Why work with us:
Our mission is that we exist to love and value people by leading a Movement of Change in our Industry, Corporate Cultures and Communities. You will frequently find our teammates volunteering at schools we’ve built in Charlotte, working out in our on-site gym or delivering resources to underserved communities in Africa. *checks notes* Yes, we do all of this as a mortgage company.

When we aren’t at our desks creating straight fire, we’re likely to be playfully roasting someone en la cocina (don’t ask…wait, actually, yes, you should definitely ask), celebrating another productive week with a dance party and exchanging memes and GIFs. RIP in advance your Slack mentions.

This isn’t your parents’ corporate marketing job. Our department is known for being among the best in the mortgage biz. We didn’t say it, we’re just not disagreeing. Is this your kind of team? Come continue to raise the bar for us, won’t you?

This position has been filled. To search all open positions, visit our Job Board.
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