New bakery named Batch House opens Saturday — menu includes dirty Oreo truffles, s’mores brownies and Snickers cheesecake

New bakery named Batch House opens Saturday — menu includes dirty Oreo truffles, s’mores brownies and Snickers cheesecake
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Batch House, a new bakery and coffee shop, opens on Saturday in the space formerly occupied by Basal Coffee near Uptown. The cute, new spot is owned by Cristina Rojas-Agurcia (aka The Batch Maker), a self-taught baker who was born and raised in Honduras and developed a strong reputation as a local baker around Charlotte.

“The mission behind The Batchmaker is ‘people first, cake second’ and my heart for serving and connecting with people,” Cristina said. “I’ve found such an amazing community.”

Cristina was in the middle of getting her master’s in clinical mental health when she started making cakes. She’s been selling her sweet creations to loyal customers in Charlotte since April 2017, and now, she’s taking the next step by opening the Batch House.

Cristina is known for her “batchboxes” which are basically cake boxes full of an array of baked goods. While she has always accepted custom orders via her website, these batchboxes were first-come-first-serve only. With the new Batch House, she’ll be able to offer these beloved desserts to customers on a daily basis.

“I truly love food,” she said. “That’s what helps me come up with things and the attention to small details.”


How it works: The Batch House’s treats menu rotates daily and include about a dozen options (the first day’s menu is below). You can also purcahse also specialty teas and Hex Coffee.

Future tea time: Inspired by a trip to London, Cristina plans to offer an informal Tea Time complete with fresh bread, homemade jams, whipped flavored butter, mini treats displayed in a tier and a pot of tea. Guests can reserve a seat (priced per person) and will have the opportunity to sit in a private-ish area (so you can enjoy that tea time in peace.)

What you should order: We’ve worked by way through some of Cristina’s expansive menu and can confidently say these treats are amazing. Keep an eye out for these favorites:

  • S’mores Brownies – graham cracker crust on gooey brownies topped with roasted marshmallow
  • Dirty Oreo Truffles – Oreo truffle cookies (life-changing)
  • Dirty Brownies – brownies stuffed with peanut butter and Oreos
  • Snickers Cheesecake – Oreo crust, chocolate cheesecake, dulce de leche, caramel cheesecake, Snickers topping

Batch House’s hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays. The exact address is 1429 Bryant St.

Okay, here’s a look at the treats!

location of the batch house bakery in charlotte

treats menu at the batch house bakery

Batch House had a big first day rush and sold out of most treats by 11 a.m.

chocolate cake at the batch house


snickers cheesecake

triple threat cake brown butter sugar sammies

dirty oreo truffles

smores brownie2

smores brownie3

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