7 things you missed at Science on the Rocks

7 things you missed at Science on the Rocks
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If you missed Science on the Rocks: Geek Out Freak Out, you missed a lot. Whatever else you might have been doing between the hours of 5 and 9 pm on a Friday, I can almost guarantee you weren’t drinking vodka in a frog room.


Here are just a few of the things you missed if you didn’t attend Science on the Rocks, and that you might have missed even if you did (#vodka).

(1) The naked rat. What is that? That freaky thing. If you’re catching the Kim Possible reference here, you’re already winning. I spent way too long snapping photos and trying to make eye contact with this bizarre, strangely endearing creature. My friends were urging me to leave, but my heart was urging me to stay. The more I stared at the rat, the more I couldn’t look away. If you have an affinity for the weird, you can definitely satisfy it at Discovery Place.



(2) The 3-D printer. I didn’t spend too long in the 3D printer room, but not because it wasn’t cool. If you’ve never seen a 3D printer in action, you need to. I could have spent way more time watching it steadily work its magic, but there was just so much else to geek out/freak out about. The exhibit also included several completed 3D printed objects, including a printed hand with complex, realistic-looking fingers. Apparently you could have also entered a raffle to win a 3D printed scan of your own head — a super high-tech selfie.


(3) The photo booth. Okay, so there isn’t a ton to say about the photo booth except that it was fun. Photo booths are fun. Funny faces are fun. Science is fun. That’s all.


(4) The frogs. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a frog enthusiast, but this exhibit was pretty cool. My favorite frog was the Frog Who Looks Like Tree Moss (not its scientific name). There’s something exciting about staring intently through a glass cage until you can obnoxiously point and exclaim, “There! Right there! The frog is right there!”

(5) The “water” room. Most of my Science on the Rocks experience was a trek to the “water” room as I called it. I still have great childhood memories of playing in a super epic “water” room at Discovery Place, and I insisted that my friends find it with me. Turns out, this play room downstairs is definitely for little children (and only part of it involves water), but I’m glad I made the journey.


(6) The vodka. The drinks at Science on the Rocks weren’t that expensive (ranging from four to seven dollars). It was a slightly surreal experience to walk around the setting of my elementary school field trips with a strong vodka cranberry in hand. “That room right there is where I learned about human reproduction,” I informed my coworkers. Cool.

(7) The illusions. We just barely made it in time to do a quick walk through the illusions exhibit before the clock struck 9 pm and the whole museum closed. Even an abbreviated version was sufficiently trippy, though. One of the exhibits had a lot of bird cages, emanating noises that sounded like birds singing, but were actually individual notes of a man’s voice. I think? I was pretty tipsy by this point (see number 6). But that’s the beauty of Science on the Rocks — you don’t have to understand everything. You don’t even have to do everything. Drink, explore at your leisure, and then go eat tacos somewhere. A beautiful night.

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