Charlotteans love dogs — but here’s why I’m a cat person right now

Charlotteans love dogs — but here’s why I’m a cat person right now
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Being a cat person has become synonymous with being anti-social, strange and probably super single.

It’s why one Agenda reader who disagreed with an article I wrote emailed me and used “you probably like going to those pet a cat coffee shops ” as an insult.

When you think of a dog person on the other hand, you’ve got visions of well-dressed craft beer drinkers mingling at Sycamore on a sunny afternoon with their Goldendoodle or Frenchie in tow.

Owning a dog is a huge part of Charlotte culture, and sometimes I feel strange that my fiancé and I don’t have one yet.

We’ll be with a group of dog-owning friends who are talking about doggie daycare and favorite toys, and we’ll feel like the one couple in the group of new parent friends that doesn’t have kids yet.

Here’s the thing though: Just because we have a cat, doesn’t mean we’re anti-dog. We just don’t want to take care of one when we’re yard-less, at a wedding every other weekend and are maximizing our kid-free time while we have it.

This will all change someday, and when we’re ready to be more tied down, we’ll add a dog to the mix too. But for now, we’ve chosen to be the proud parents of a blue-eyed, bow-tie wearing cat named Freddie Purrinze Jr. (follow him on Instagram if you wish).

cat person in charlotte


Since we’re repping cat people, let’s clarify four advantages to being a cat owner rather than a dog owner.

(1) Cats are actually more like dogs than you think

When I walk in the door, Freddie is there waiting for me. He sits on the couch like a person, gives ridiculous side-eye in pictures, naps with me and doesn’t make noise while I’m on a conference call. What more could you ask for?

(2) They are significantly less expensive than dogs

Our cat can be alone for two days with extra food and water and he’s totally fine. We can take all the weekend trips we want without having to factor in boarding costs or pet sitters. He also doesn’t need to be groomed or to have his nails trimmed by a professional. He does just fine with a $3 comb from Wal-Mart.

(3) You don’t have to interrupt what you’re doing to let the cat out

We were deeply engrossed in the “Stranger Things” finale and Freddie had to pee. There was no need to pause the show, get out of our blanket nest, put real pants on and go outside while it was raining. He just sauntered over to the litter box, did his thing and walked back into the living room and laid down as the battle of Starcourt raged.

(4) I’ve never had to leave a social event to take care of my cat

Every single time we’re out in a group, at least one dog owner has to leave before the party is over to go let their pet out. Cat owners on the other hand may have earned a reputation as the anti-social weirdos, but we can actually outlast anyone at the party because our pets can be alone all day and night with no issue.

Ultimately though you can be both a cat person AND a dog person.

When people hear you have a cat, they assume this means you’re anti-dog. While I’m defensive when people make jokes about my cat lady life, it doesn’t mean that I’m strictly anti-dog. I grew up with dogs. I love dogs. My fiancé and I will get a dog someday when life settles down a little bit.

For now though, we’re happy with our cat and all of the stereotypes, jokes and freedom that come with him.

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