Senior Software Engineer (HIRED)

Senior Software Engineer (HIRED)
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We’re looking for experienced software engineers for our Charlotte, NC team to design and implement solutions for a range of business and consumer-facing problems. This position offers the opportunity to build new solutions, from scratch, as part of an agile team. The agile team has a high degree of autonomy and no external dependencies, enabling them to innovate freely and implement the technologies they see fit.

What you will do:
• Implement a CI/CD strategy for the entire R&D department.
• Lead the design and implementation of solutions and provide technical leadership for the rest of the R&D team.
• Help establish best practices for project organization, source control, code integrity and other aspects of the product development lifecycle.
• Have buy-in on everything you build. You will help direct the roadmap and serve as a stakeholder at every step during the course of product development.

Who you are:
• Accountable. You take ownership of project outcomes and do not pass the buck when things go wrong
• Self-starter. You do not need daily direction. We’re seeking hunters, not gatherers.
• Detail oriented. You’re a stickler for detail and ensure small things, like code readibility, code comments, unit tests and project file organization are completed to a reasonable degree.
• Knowledgeable. You are abreast on all emerging and current technology and know-how to implement best practice for optimal outcomes.

• At least 5 years of software development experience required, with at least 2 years as a senior/full-stack dev.
• Thorough knowledge of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment best practices.
• Proven track record of building complete, well-organized and tested web applications.
• Strong references from co-workers, managers and community members.
• A complete abhorrence of mediocrity.
Preferred qualifications (but flexible)
• Experience with full-stack JS, React, Redux or similar, React Native and Node.js.
• Databases (Both RDBs and Document DBs).
• Microservices Architecture.
• Mobile application development.

This position has been filled. To search all open positions, visit our Job Board.
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