Agenda Mailbag: 50 quick feedback letters on Le Creuset, bunk beds, Velvet Taco, Waxhaw, pools and extroverted introverts

Agenda Mailbag: 50 quick feedback letters on Le Creuset, bunk beds, Velvet Taco, Waxhaw, pools and extroverted introverts
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: Le Creuset is bringing truckloads of discounted kitchenware to Charlotte this fall — 3,000 customers expected

“I love this stuff and have a few pieces; however, many of the larger pieces are too heavy for me to lift!” – L

“Sounds like a great way to celebrate our anniversary!” – K

“Whose going to let me live with them when I go broke from buying everything.” – M

In response to: With soaring rents, is Charlotte ready for bunk bed rentals in dorm-style apartments? It’s already happening in San Francisco

“Nope, SF is 9x more densely populated per square mile than Charlotte, and median rents are about 2.5x. just because something with a trendy name comes from Silicon Valley does not make it a good idea.” – C

“Why don’t we have affordable (less than $600 per month) micro-apartments? A simple small efficiency with room enough for a twin bed or sofa, two burner stove, a fridge, microwave, sink, small table with two chairs and a small bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. About the size of a Cruise Ship room.” – A

“So, a hostel with a rebranded 2019 name?” – E

“It’s a shame that many people I know working in uptown are moving to as far as Rock Hill (or farther) because they simply can’t make ends meet.” – E

“They have a lot of these types of Apartment in Asia. Except your apartment is the size of a half bathroom. Not in an open space with others residence.” – B

In response to: 7 things that extroverted introverts like myself wish you understood

“Spot on. Sadly (or maybe not) Netflix has enabled my introvertedness to become even stronger. – N

“Sounds like she is using this ‘condition’ as an excuse to be a rude guest, unprofessional employee, and poor friend.” – A

“Finally there is a name for my split personality!” – T

“Wait, there’s a word for us?!” – J

“I’m sharing this with my immediate family of extroverts to help them better understand the world in which my introverted husband lives in!!! You nailed it!” – C

“Lauren, pick a side. ‘Extroverted introvert’ is not a thing. It’s a copout. You’re an introvert.” – A

In response to: Former director of new store development for Habitat For Humanity International ReStores building 72-acre resort with tiny houses, vintage campers, deluxe yurts and treehouses

“This is how y’all can ease me into, camping.” – N

“Brilliant idea.” – S

“I love Lake Lure and Chimney Rock!! Some of the most beautiful landscapes in NC plus lake activities.” – L

In response to: Jeni’s Ice Creams now open in Park Road Shopping Center

“Not going to be better than Va Da Vi (the gelato place that used to be there).” – J

In response to: 9 best seafood restaurants in Charlotte — and what to order at each

“The article lost all credibility when the cover picture for the article was something fried!” – E

“Twin Tops in Belmont, Charlotte doesn’t understand the word fish camp! Boojie prices for little plates.” – L

“Here’s the real list: Mr. 3’s, Captain Steve’s, Po Boys, Seafood Connection, Riverside Fish Camp, Twin Tops Fish Camp, Crackin’ Crawfish, and King Crab.” – L

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending on a personal trainer and a physical therapist’s combined $144,000 salary

“How do you spend $158 at Aldi? Buying the whole store?” – M

“A house in Waverly, paid off before 40, wow.” – A

In response to: Self-driving cars expected to dominate Charlotte roads by 2030. Here’s how we’ll get there

“I wonder if they’ll be program to not let anyone pass or keep their right-turn signals on for more than a mile like our Charlotteans.” – A

“Charlotte can’t even manage bikes and scooter.” – D

In response to: Funky taco joint named Velvet Taco coming to Optimist Hall this fall — here’s a look at their full 17-taco menu

“I have this where I’m from in Chicago and it’s a must every time I go home for late night food this a dream come true.” – M

“I like crispy shells but everywhere you go they just have tortillas.” – D

“OMGGGGG yasssssss!!” – J

In response to: 2019 Home of the Year and 8 other finalists

“The creative design finalist blew my mind. Love that remodel on Queens Road West and I’m totally into their tastes. I want that living room, bad. The mix of wood and white is incredibly well done.” – J

“Six bunk beds! So fun. The Lake Norman house is killer. Love the way the hot tub/pool leads to that covered area and those views.” – W

In response to: 12 reasons to visit Waxhaw — including a tapas restaurant in a 19th century cotton mill

“Leave us alone, that’s why we moved away from Meck county.” – C

“This is what Matthews NC was like 5 years ago. Watch this area!! It’s going to be awesome.” – K

“It’s the Long Island of NC.” – J

“Forgot to mention Maxwell’s tavern. Delicious food and great atmosphere!! – V

In response to: Details on 12 neighborhood swim clubs you can join, including pricing, amenities and waitlist times

“Best money I spend all year.” -J

“And Twix bars floating on top…” – M

“These prices are insane! It’s cheaper to get a season pass to Carowinds and go to the water park and enjoy rides too.” – M

“YMCA is the best. These prices are hilarious.” – S

“The swim club was the best money we’ve ever spent keeping the kids entertained over the summer. The club also provided employment experience when they were teenagers -snack bar and life guarding.” – S

In response to: Organic Harvest, a grocery store in Plaza Midwood, has already closed

“Which organic grocery store is next to try out this location? Some business owners don’t understand the market before they attempt to enter. Should have been a fairly clear sign that an almost identical business failed in this exact space just prior to OH opening. Same thing for Ziggy’s owner who expected more foot traffic in Belmont…” – M

In response to: Aix en Provence, a well respected French restaurant in Myers Park, has officially closed

“Heartbreaking. Not a single good French Restaurant left in Charlotte… I still dream of Lumiere.” – K

“Well darn! I am so disappointed to hear this! We just returned to Le Cochon d’Or two weeks ago to celebrate our anniversary! We always had a fabulous dinner and service was top notch! It was a real gem!” – G

In response to: 23-year-old Natalie Barbu just quit her Accenture job to be a full-time YouTuber with 215,000+ subscribers

“This is awesome! She’s one of the hardest workers I know.” – J

“Making a living doing nothing. Good for her.” – E

“If you quit your job but don’t post about it on social media, did you really even quit your job?” – A

“She seems very smart. I love that unlike most of Charlotte, she took a creative path and is making real money. Our city needs more people like her and I’m glad she didn’t move to LA.” – J

“So sad that like reality shows the normal person lives their lives through other people no matter if it’s on TV or YouTube. Get up off your butt and do something with your life and stop watching other people tell u what to spend your $ on or how to live YOUR life.” – M

In response to: StretchLab, a California-based stretching concept, signs up nearly 300 members in just 2 weeks

“This is a smart concept. People need this more than Yoga. Especially older people who play golf, tennis of have nagging injuries.” – A

“People are making money off of stretching? It’s stretching! I can’t tell if this is a fad or not, but if it’s not a fad, I’m going to be angle in my cubicle as they grow their beautiful subscription business model doing something that seems so obvious. I’m not bitter, I swear. Haha.” – J

In response to: How does the Whitewater Center’s $55 Paddle to Table experience work?

“I’ve done one of these before and it is well worth the price! The river guides were super friendly and knowledgeable. The presentation of dinner was intimate and the food was delicious.” –  E

In response to: Blind Date: Josh and Liz do shots at Angry Ale’s and head to Jeff’s Bucket Shop — but she’s more into taller guys

“How can you go on a second date when you can’t even go on a first date because everyone is obsessed with your height in this city in 2019?” – R

“Blind date remains one of my favorite segments, but now that we’re keeping the folks anonymous, how long do we have to wait for a wasted hook-up? I want ‘Woke up next to… Andrew(???) with a screaming headache. Took 2 aspirin with a flat half pint of OMB Copper I found on the nightstand. Morning conversation was a series of grunts and deep sighs. No chemistry.’ And when we collectively hit this glorious milestone, do we get a 1-10 on the sex? Yes. The answer is yes.” – J

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