7 summer fashion trends and where to find them now at Charlotte boutiques

7 summer fashion trends and where to find them now at Charlotte boutiques
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Hi, I’m Mary. It may shock you to see me co-writing this season’s fashion trends article and to be honest, it shocked me too. When Katie asked me to help her track down this season’s trends (animal print, tie dye and summer suits to name a few) I was thoroughly confused. She knows I wear the same T-shirt every day right?

But when I thought about it, having me help write this was a really good idea. I’ve always complained that Katie’s fashion round-ups mean nothing to me because everything looks good on her yoga body. Instead of just sitting around complaining, Katie was giving me a chance to do something about it. So here you are, Charlotte. Now you can see what this season’s hottest trends look like on a size 2 and a size 12.

Here are the stores we visited this time:

Boem – 3920 Sharon Road
Capitol – 4010 Sharon Road
Charlotte’s – 901 Providence Road
CRIV – 1111 Metropolitan Ave.
Girl Tribe – 1800 Camden Road
Julie’s – 4145 Park Road
K|LA – 4123 Park Road
McKenzie Claire – 1419 East Blvd.
Poole Shop – 4010 Sharon Road
Vestique – 1532 East Blvd.

Animal Print

Can’t stop, won’t stop. This is the #1 hottest trend right now in Charlotte. We saw it back in the spring, but it’s carried over into summer in a big way with a whole menagerie — snake, leopard, tiger and even Dalmatian — showing up in pretty much all the stores we visited.

Every girl in Charlotte is about to own a silk-ish leopard midi skirt (if she doesn’t already) paired with a vintage band T-shirt. Trust.

Better Then Ever leopard skirt, $56 at Vestique

Here it is, the skirt every girl in Charlotte (or perhaps the country) will own. I love it.

Victory Lap snakeskin dress, $38 at Vestique

Snakeskin is definitely my least favorite of the animal prints (it’s a little too Rock of Love or something) but this lighter, more neutral variation works for me.

Cheetah, Pleats skirt, $44.99 and Tyche white top, $29.99 at Julie’s

I’ve never been an animal print person, but this outfit looked so good on me that I bought it and now I guess I’m an animal print person.

 Yellow Dalmatian print dress, $88 at CRIV

I know what you’re thinking: Dalmatians aren’t yellow, Katie. I know this. I learned about the existence of Dalmatian print on this very shopping trip, and it’s not just limited to black and white. The more you know. I love the silhouette of this dress and appreciate the adjustable ruching in the front so you can sex it up if that’s your thing.

Frankie Tunic dress, $149 and Time of your Life jacket, $100 at Boem

Mary didn’t put a caption on this photo, so I’m popping in here to say that this outfit is adorable and she should buy it. – Katie

Attention Grabber jumper, $48 and Too Rad to be Sad tee, $46 at Vestique

I had a blast shopping at Vestique where nothing fit me. Here I am strategically covering the open buttons on this jumper with my hand.

Ellison leopard print midi skirt, $48 at Boem

Yep, another leopard midi skirt. They’re everywhere.

Snakeskin dress, $248 and Color Block sweater, $128 at Charlotte’s

I always thought Charlotte’s was for the more “seasoned” woman but they had great dresses for all ages.


I thought we’d see a lot more of this than we did and, honestly, was hoping for some much bigger, shaggier statement pieces. Instead, the fringe we found around Charlotte is more subtle — limited mostly to detailing and hems.

Zinab fringe slip dress, $355 at McKenzie Claire

A little flapper-esque without feeling costume-y.

Andi Fringe dress, $298 at Charlotte’s

Yes, that is my Spanx peeking out under this dress thank you for so much noticing.

Santorini dress, $80 at Boem

This dress was super fun, but I know if I bought it those fringe sleeves would be dipped in every bowl of cereal, soup and queso that I ate.

Hannah Fringe white jeans, $96 and Smoke Rose top, $54 at K|LA

Charlotte boutique sizing strikes again as these jeans only went up to a size 10. But I stuffed myself into them anyways because I love you guys.

… and here I am in the same jeans. I swear white jeans are the Charlotte summer “going out” uniform for everyone over 30. I’m not wrong.

Maxi Dresses

It’s not shocking that maxi dresses are all over Charlotte. This is the go-to when it’s too hot for pants and you “forgot” to shave your legs for a week.

Penelope dress, $58 and Cheetah Girl jacket, $72 at Girl Tribe

I sometimes get sick of maxi dresses, but this one gave me major hippie vibes and is way cheaper than a similar style you would find at Anthropologie.

The Frankie dress, $58 at Girl Tribe

I love nothing more than a dress that you can wear with a sports bra.

Walt it Out maxi, $52 and Rise Up sneakers, $28 at Vestique

Loved the sleeves on this bad boy, and the snake skin sneakers are 100. Again, the back isn’t zipped because this store can’t handle my curves.

Tie Dye

We can’t hide our excitement about this one. Tie Dye is back in style and now you have a reason to bust out all those old T-shirts you made at camp.

Sacai Tiedye shirt, $445 and Valentino skirt, $1,189 at Capitol

I felt super cool in this outfit, and the T-shirt reminded me of when girls in middle school would cut the hem of their shirts and then tie the sides back together which my mom never let me do.

Rhett tie dye dress, $495 at McKenzie Claire

Now I really want to tie dye something.

Arya tie dye crop top, $38 at Girl Tribe

I’m still mad I didn’t buy this shirt but the world can only tolerate so many crop tops in my rotation.

Summer Knits

Ok so sweaters in the summer don’t really fly around here, but the fashion powers that be say they’re in, so here we are. Keep in mind, however, that knits don’t necessarily mean big chunky turtleneck sweaters. You’ll see light loose-knit sweaters, knit tanks and event sweater-style skirts. Make it work.

It’s Electric sweater, $68 and Mackenzie denim, $58 at Girl Tribe

You know how some girls only get a cute glistening sweat in the summer that somehow makes them even sexier? I am not that girl.

Neon tiger knit crop set, $24 top and $68 skirt at CRIV

I realize there’s a whole lot going on here — animal print, neon AND summer sweater. A trend trifecta for a very Kim Kardashian moment.

Neon Dreamin’ sweater, $58 at Girl Tribe

These light, barely there knit sweaters (in multiple styles) are the maximum amount of sweater we’re going to be able to tolerate here this summer. I’d say wear it on chillier evenings, but we all know it’s just going to be 90-plus until October. We don’t know what chilly summer evenings are. So wear it in your frigid office.

Summer Suits

My personal favorite trend of them all reimagines the neat, clean tailoring of a suit with a lighter, shorter, summer-appropriate spin.

Suit Up, shorts $36 and blazer $56 at Vestique

I bought this and have already worn it twice.


This trend was the hardest to track down in Charlotte stores. But all your cool friends in other cities are going to be rocking neon green this summer, so CLT better catch up.

Floral Twill dress, $3,980 at Capitol

This cost more than my wedding dress, but I won’t lie, this b*tch was comfortable.

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