Agenda Mailbag: 60 quick feedback letters on Flower Child, Miss USA, CEO pay, Steele Creek and Target Midtown

Agenda Mailbag: 60 quick feedback letters on Flower Child, Miss USA, CEO pay, Steele Creek and Target Midtown
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: 7 summer fashion trends and where to find them now at Charlotte boutiques

“It’s crazy how many times you couldn’t find your size or button something, Mary! Size 12 is completely average size and these boutiques are doing a terrible job being size inclusive. Also, I really loved your captions on your pictures.” – L

“Some of those prices are ridiculous. And I personally wouldn’t wear most of what they tried on. Also, glad to know where not to shop too. Size 12 being the biggest size or non existent? No thanks.” – H


“I never comment on this, but I think charging that much for tie dye is crazy. Time to pull my old and free camp shirts from storage.” – L

In response to: How I Work: 17 questions with 28-year-old lawyer and Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst

“I need to know what her flaws are so I can feel better about myself. Seriously – beautiful, smart, compassionate, an athlete…first-class woman. She should be out little girls’ role model. Proud she represents North Carolina and Charlotte!” – K

“I love how down-to-earth and selfless she is. She used her final words in the article not to talk about herself, but about how much good her dad is doing.” – M

“I didn’t know Miss USA worked out at my gym… Dowd YMCA pride, baby!” – J

In response to: 9 things to know about Flower Child, opening this summer in South End

“I’d rather be Phat than healthy.” – J

“I’m happy they have dairy free options, but much rather have Phat Burrito.” – S

“LOVE Flower Child!” – R

“This is my fav restaurant ever!!! – L

“I am so excited for this place. Now everyone who is lactose, glucose, gluten, nuts, dairy, vegan, vegetarian, or whatever else your food issue is has a place they can collectively go to be miserable foodies together.” – J

“Have they addressed the parking issue or can you only get there via a scooter rental?” – R

“This area is right by bars and such….who wants to go eat this before they get krunk” – B

“Make Charlotte Affordable Again. Burn the South End!” – A

“Two things I really miss: (1) Phat Burrito and (2) the good ole days before Charlotte Agenda was a thing.” – M

In response to: The 16 highest paid CEOs in Charlotte

“Only 2 females on this list and they are the only 2 with positive stock performance.” – K

“What do you even do with $42 million a year? Buy a yacht? Oh, and I would love to know how much Ric Elias makes each year at Red Ventures, I get that it’s a private company, but I’d love to learn about his compensation.” – J

“Let me guess, you’ve already received reader mail saying how unfair it is that Doug Lebda reaps the rewards of 23+ years of hard work and massive risks that said readers would never attempt. But it’s UNFAIR!” – H

In response to: Steele Creek is the next hot neighborhood in Charlotte

“Love my neighborhood, but damn can we get 160 expanded.” – S

“Oh great, more crowded roads and destruction of nature, and not for anything with any culture, just more chains, retail and apartments. Can’t wait.” – D

“Go away. We’re full down here. What used to be a 5 mile, 10 minute commute down 160 to work, is now 30 minutes on a good day.” – J

“Oh man. Needed that laugh this morning.” – S

“Nobody in their right mind would move out there to then sit in 3 hours of traffic just to get home LOL” – P

In response to: Target Midtown’s redesign is complete and balance has been restored to the universe — sort of

“Help!! I’m somewhere in the home goods section. Been here for 3 days and 2 nights. Still haven’t found the Gillette razors I came here for.” – C

“It’s actually a new experiment in retail. Trying to get customers to find the least amount of products in the most amount of time. Seems to be working well.” – B

“I was annoyed at first, but the new layout is a blessing in disguise. Instead of happily wandering while collecting tons of stuff I don’t need, I’m now wandering, not finding anything I need while getting too disgruntled to look at things I don’t. I left Target with only one item the other day: A new world record!” – J

“The look reminds me of Kmart in the late 80s!” – T

“Ugh! The worst! Forget it if you have a cart. Took me 20min to find hand soap.” – M

In response to: CATS unveils possible light rail routes to Pineville and Ballantyne

“We are growing our population everyday and will soon be over a million people. We must continue to build alternate routes of transportation. I will gladly pay extra tax dollars to achieve this goal!” – L

“I have an idea, stop spending money on the trolley line and apply those those funds towards the light rail.” – B

“Would love to see the Ballantyne community work together to help make this a reality sooner than later.” – C

“Just being greedy, but extend it from UNC Charlotte to Concord with stops at the pavilion and speedway. Those venues could use their lots for park and rides when there’s no events.” – D

“Tax all brewery purchases to pay for it.” – S

“Can we just get the damn Independence bridge on Hawthorne fixed first? I mean, it’s only been what, 4 years now? SMDH.” – J

“Stop public transportation spending and widen the roads.” – C

In response to: Go inside: Hoppin’ team opening new self-serve bar named Pinhouse in Plaza Midwood

“Duckpin bowling is awesome. Two levels and outdoor space looks cool. I love the design at Hoppin’ – so I’m excited to see what it looks like once Pinhouse is finished. Can’t wait to try it out!” – W

“Meh. Plaza Midwood already has a self serve bar that no one goes to, does it need another one?” – J

In response to: South End’s new 28-seat rooftop cocktail bar opening soon next to Craft — and it’ll have a tree in the middle of it

“Craft is the best bar in Charlotte, so I’m def going to this new spot.” – T

“OMG a tree!” – K

“OMG! A tree! No! You can’t be serious! A tree! All the other cocktail bars should just shutter their doors. This one has a tree, you guys! A tree!” – M

In response to: House hunting? 5 homes priced below their Zestimate in hot Charlotte neighborhoods

“According to Zillow’s own reporting, their Zestimates in Charlotte are within 20% of the sales price 80% of the time. That’s a $60k margin! Also, now that they’re buying houses as investors, would seem in their best interest to have estimates as low as possible for comparison.” – J

In response to: Cash Confessional: a week of spending on a combined $171,500 salary

“They spend so much on groceries.” – H

“They did their college and cars the right way, but $1000/yr for 401K is maxing out the company match? Geez! Between my contributions and the company’s, mines about $10K per year. And they should be putting away a lot more into savings – combined they make 2.5 times what I do….between my money market, HSA and my way to save accounts, I average $320/wk that I put into savings. And that’s just me, not my husband.” – L

“Thank god you finally got some normal people on Cash Confessional! I can never relate to the people who self-select to be featured in it. Its always people who are super frugal and boring (unless they’re just lying).” – A

In response to: In the shadows of the boom, one man is determined not to let a teenager’s felony charge define him

“Welp I wasn’t expecting to cry at work today, but here I am.” – J

“Greg Jackson is a good man and he has done great things for many young people. This city is lucky to have him.” – S

“I am a teacher at Vance High School and teach Haji’s sister. They are such a determined family and to see how far they’ve come is absolutely powerful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this, thank you for highlighting those who pour into our community, into our kids. This is why we do this work. My heart is so full.” – A

“Best piece of writing I’ve read about our city this year.” – J

“Thank you for using your platform to shine light on some of the challenges people face daily. Greg Jackson’s determination should be an inspiration to our community.” – A

“There are so many other neighborhoods and children like this. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough Gregs. Hopefully this story will inspire people to get involved.” – A

“There’s so many kids like this in the city. I work with a few organizations in Charlotte that work with survivors of human trafficking, and kids like this often fall victim to pimps who traffic them.” – K

“Unfortunately, many of your readers will see this and think that this family has made their choices, not worked hard enough, created their own bad circumstances, etc. and that the kid being arrested again is proof that even if you try to help it is ultimately in vain. The real takeaway from this story should be that while not every child in a bad situation can be helped – just like every child in a good situation will not necessarily turn out to be a productive member of society – they all deserve a chance and it should not be left to people like Greg to make the effort, it should be the soccer moms and banker dads that spend hours around people just like them at church but never step foot outside their neighborhood to help a city that is crumbling around them.” – O

In response to: Greg Jackson’s Reagan Drive Initiative tackles tough issues at a forgotten interchange on I-85

“I have lived in the eastern part of the university area for 14 years, and I pass this area often. Now I know if I see anything coming out from the city or other groups on the Reagan Drive Initiative that I will want to show up.” – J

“I grew up on Pine Drive just a couple blocks over from this interchange and latter Hidden Valley when that neighborhood was created. Sad to see what that area has become over time.” – C

“It’s not *forgotten* by those of us that grew up here. We all grew up knowing what was happening over there and some of us naively participated until it got too scary. Until the police, with guns drawn, loudly advised us to ‘stay in our rooms!’ one random summer night as we were enjoying fun times at the Red Roof Inn. Then we matured a little, grew up and recognized how close we were to the height of danger, so we put space between ourselves and that area of town to protect ourselves and our stuff, simple as that.” – S

In response to: What’s it like being Charlotte famous? 5 local celebs anonymously confess

“We have local celebrities?” – B

“Otherwise known as ‘influencers’ that went to Fyre Fest.” – L

“‪I’ll be upset if one of them isn’t Larry Sprinkle.” – J

“Oh for f*** sake. You didn’t really write this, did you? The Agenda didn’t really publish this, did it? ‘Famous?’ Seriously? I think you’re (A) overestimating how many people read the Agenda; (B)overestimating how many people give a s*** about what they read in the Agenda; and (C) overestimating how many people outside of Dion’s immediate friends and family would recognize him even if he posed in a lineup with four cats and a coffee maker.” – V

In response to: Go inside: Pho @ NoDa now open in Villa Heights — view full menu and food photos

“Went last night and had their crunchy spring rolls, beef pho and pork vermicelli. It was delicious and all for $28 + tip. I can’t wait to be hungover to eat here again.” – F

In response to: Taco Mac has permanently closed its SouthPark location

“Thank God this place was awful.” – C

“Piedmont Row could use a Coffee Shop. People are always asking where they can get a cup of coffee.” – S

“Taco Mac was awesome back in the day. Like many businesses, they were acquired by a private equity firm that ruined everything.” – M

In response to: View photos: 8 things to know about Botiwalla, an Indian street food restaurant opening in Optimist Hall

“No. 9… the line will look as if people had absolutely zero options for Indian food in the Charlotte area.” – M

“Heard nothing but good things about this joint.” – S

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