Private schools in Charlotte, ranked by the cost of tuition

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Note: This story was updated Jan 9, 2017.

Charlotte has a huge private school community, more so than anywhere else in the state.

By the numbers:

  • About 18,500 students in Mecklenburg County go to one of 88 private schools here, according to state data.
  • That compares with roughly 145,000 students in the public school district, but this area’s private schools have a a significantly higher market share than other urban counties like Wake and Guilford.
  • The number has stayed pretty steady since 2007, but is up about 9 percent overall in the past decade.

This list includes schools with at least 500 students. Enrollment numbers come from the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

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In order from most expensive to least expensive, based on kindergarten tuition:

1) Providence Day School

providence day school

Photo by Providence Day School via Facebook

Address: 5800 Sardis Road
Grades: Transitional kindergarten – 12
Number of students: 1,536
Tuition: $16,950 (Transitional K) to $24,030 (Grades 6-12)

2) Charlotte Latin School

charlotte latin

Photo by Charlotte Latin via Facebook

Address: 9502 Providence Road
Grades: Transitional kindergarten – 12
Number of students: 1,401
Tuition: $17,450 (Transitional K and Kindergarten) to $22,340 (Grades 9-12)

3) Charlotte Country Day School


Photo by Charlotte Country Day via Facebook

Address: 1440 Carmel Road
Grades: PreK-12
Number of students: 1,590
Tuition: $15,455 (Junior K) to $22,415 (Grades 9-12)

4) Charlotte Christian School


Photo by Charlotte Christian via Facebook

Address: 7301 Sardis Road
Grades: PreK – 12
Number of students: 1,014
Tuition: $13,675 (Junior K) to $19,430 (Grades 9-12)

5) Southlake Christian Academy


Photo by Southlake Christian via Facebook

Address: 13820 Hagers Ferry Road, Huntersville
Grades: K-12
Number of students: 638
Tuition: $8,500 (Junior K) to $12,100 (Grades 9-12)

6) Charlotte Catholic High School


Photo by Charlotte Catholic via Facebook

Address: 7702 Pineville-Matthews Road
Grades: 9-12
Number of students: 1,418
Tuition: $10,066 for Catholics to $14,331 for non-Catholics

7) Carmel Christian School


Photo by Carmel Christian via Facebook

Address: 1145 Pineville-Matthews Road
Grades: K-12
Number of students: 737
Tuition: $8,745 (kindergarten) to $11,225 (grades 9-12) per year.

8) Covenant Day School


Photo by Covenant Day via Facebook

Address: 800 Fullwood Lane, Matthews
Grades: Transitional kindergarten – 12
Number of students: 813
Tuition: $8,000 (Transitional K) to $15,500 (Grades 9-12)

9) Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School


Photo by Holy Trinity via Facebook

Address: 3100 Park Road
Grades: 6-8
Number of students: 857
Tuition: $6,883 (for Catholics) to $10,697 (non-Catholics)

10) Saint Mark Catholic School


Photo by St. Mark via Facebook

Address: 14750 Stumptown Rd, Huntersville
Grades: K-8
Number of students: 762
Tuition: $6,212 (kindergarten) to $6,883 (6-8) for Catholics; $9,995 (kindergarten) to $10,697 (6-8) for non-Catholics

11) Saint Matthew Catholic School


Photo by St. Matthew via Facebook

Address: 11525 Elm Lane
Grades: Transitional kindergarten – 5
Number of students: 614
Tuition: $6,212 for Catholics, $9,995 for non-Catholics

12) Hickory Grove Baptist Christian School


Photo by Hickory Grove via Facebook

Address: 6050 Hickory Grove Road
Grades: Transitional kindergarten – 12
Number of students: 933
Tuition: $6,000 (Transitional K) to $7,500 (Grades 9-12) for Non-Members /
$5,400 (Transitional K) to $6,750 (Grades 9-12) for Members

13) Saint Gabriel Catholic School

Address: 3028 Providence Road
Grades: PreK-12
Number of students: 560
Tuition: $6,212 (kindergarten) to $10,066 (9-12) for Catholics; $9,995 (kindergarten) to $14,331 (9-12) for non-Catholics

(Photo credits: Photos were taken from the schools’ websites or Facebook pages)

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