Mailbag: Top 50 feedback letters on not wearing makeup, Elevation Church, Pike’s closing, streetcar and DeSano Pizza

Mailbag: Top 50 feedback letters on not wearing makeup, Elevation Church, Pike’s closing, streetcar and DeSano Pizza
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: I stopped wearing makeup to work and you should too

“Yes, yes, yes! If there is one thing I would tell my younger self – ‘NEVER WEAR MAKEUP!’ Think of all the chemicals you are putting on your face. And have you ever looked at someone you know who has never worn anything other than a little blush and mascara now and then and notice how truly lovely their complexion is? Natural is so much more beautiful.” – N

“I understand what Mary was trying to get at and I’m glad not wearing makeup helped clear up her skin, but I’m so tired of makeup shaming and people constantly telling women that they should or shouldn’t wear make up. If you like the look of a full face of make up on a Tuesday, good for you, girl! If you like to be fresh faced, awesome! But stop posting these headlines stating that someone should or shouldn’t wear makeup. I wear make up because I chose to, it lets me be creative and express my personality in a different way, and I enjoy it. And I’m going to wear winged eyeliner with bold lipstick to work tomorrow, just like I would have before reading this article.” – W

“I did the same thing. I had acne for about 10 years — that eventually turned into adult acne. I stopped wearing it before my wedding and I’ve never gone back. Sure I have a couple break outs here and there. But not the clusters of cystic acne like before! Oh and the saving money and time part is fabulous!” – L

“Look I don’t have eyebrows, so no.” – K

“Never worn makeup to work, LOL. Who has time for that?” – S

“Well this is a great idea say if you’re under 40! Lol I’d scare the hell out of my coworkers.” – J

In response to: Blind Date: 28-year-old adventurous guy and 27-year-old nurse not feeling the chemistry

“So Tara complains about how guys aren’t honest while dating in Charlotte because they make promises of a second date and they don’t respond to her, meanwhile she meets a guy once, has what sounds like a good time (Conversation was in depth as she preferred) and when the guy messages about setting up a second date, she thinks he’s more of a friend? Good luck to her. Danny might be better off.” – A

“Kudos to her for being upfront, but it was already trending down when she said he could be a friend. You really think that you’re going to find that spark or chemistry from a guy at a brewery?” – J

In response to: You should be getting an STD test every 3-6 months — here’s what to know

“One of the most important things I read was to get tested even if you are in a monogamous relationship — because the other may not be and many of the symptoms are not obvious.” – A

“Don’t go out in the rain without a rain coat y’all.” – B

In response to: Architectural gems: 7 noteworthy homes in Myers Park according to residential designer and professor Garrett Nelson

“Loved this article and hope you do it again as Charlotte seems to be losing so many neighborhoods to unimaginative rebuilds. As I was driving through a neighborhood I noticed another lot where the home had been demolished and was sad to not even remember what had been there even though I take that route almost weekly. Charlotte needs to be bold as she grows and good design could really set her apart.” – F

“Thanks for sharing one of my great-grandfather’s designs. Love that house!” – L

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending on a 27-year-old architect’s $55,000 salary

“This guy is a unicorn! Educated, focused on paying off debt, seems happy and down to earth, mature approach to money management within his relationship. This guy is #goals! I hope I can instill the same values in my sons that his parents obviously instilled in him.” – F

In response to: Charlotte’s Gold Line streetcar to close until 2021

“For the love of god… abandon this money pit.” – J

“How do college educated bureaucrats and elected official end up sticking us with 1890s choo-choo train technology?” – T

“If a streetcar closes after nobody ever uses it, was it ever really open?” – S

“So you’re admitting a bus can do the exact same thing as more than $150 million of streetcar infrastructure. Difference is, a bus could take a detour if there is an obstacle on the route instead of shutting down. This is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen.” – D

“1.5 miles? That’s it? Just walk.” – M

“I still can’t believe our city is so invested in this. With the light rail, bike lanes, buses and scooters… not to mention the option of walking — I’m still floored we invest this much money for novelty while we could seriously lighten traffic along 77 and 485 with a decent light rail line.” – A

“Every time I see this car, the conductor is so lonely.” – A

In response to: Cars keep blocking Uptown bike lane in Charlotte’s newest culture clash

“I like the idea of adding more of the plastic bollards. However, respecting the lanes needs to work both ways. I cannot tell you how many times I encounter large groups of cyclists holding up traffic on Tuckaseegee road at 6 p.m. on a weekday afternoon because they feel entitled to ride 3 across when there is a perfectly delineated bike lane for them. The whole lot of them meets outside Rhino Deli at Freedom and Morehead and happily ride through the Enderly Park neighborhood with 10+ cars backed up. They must know they’re being inconsiderate because my blaring car horn barely fazes them anymore!” – K

In response to: Everything we know so far about 17 tenants opening at Optimist Hall this summer

“Good job White Point Paces (the developer of Optimist Hall). It sounds like most of the places opening up here are LOCAL and UNIQUE TO CHARLOTTE. The few places that are chains or have multiple locations only have a handful of locations. Great to see that the vendors aren’t all the usual suspects like Chipotle, Starbucks, etc.” – M

In response to: 7 things I wish I had known the day of my first panic attack

“As someone who deals with anxiety on almost a daily basis, I appreciate you being so open about this! You are awesome.” – A

In response to: Award-winning steakhouse with glass-walled kitchen coming to SouthPark

“Heck yeah, this is awesome news! A steakhouse in SouthPark that offers meats, shrimp cocktails, mac & cheese with (insert crab, shrimp, pork belly, etc. that supposedly makes it worth $29), a show kitchen, and a design aesthetic that combines all the warmth of a national chain with the homeyness of an airport hotel bar. I cannot wait! We’ve really been missing something like this on that one corner of South Park that doesn’t already have something like this.” – O

In response to: Inside Charlotte’s proposed $2.6 billion budget: Pay raises, Cross Charlotte Trail, affordable housing — and no tax rate increase

“$7 million to help preserve affordable housing and $54 million for the rail trail. Shows you where City Council is putting priorities. Once again, those with lower incomes are shafted.” – C

In response to: DeSano Pizza closes Midtown location

“I love their pizza! It’s the best in Charlotte.” – G

“Horrible choice for first real estate spot.” – S

“They should make this a Trader Joe’s Midtown #2.” – L

“Overpriced pizza doesn’t work anywhere.” – T

“Not surprised. Gorgeous space but confusing ordering system, no free water and their ‘crust with nothing on it pizza’ was unlike anything I have seen.” – H

“Not surprised. Omaggio Pizzeria and Inizio are so much better.” – L

“I feel like Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter gazing into her crystal ball because I PREDICTED THIS S***. Always liked this place and their pizza despite the heavy criticism from my friends – ‘It’s too expensive’ and ‘it’s unfair they don’t let you add/subtract toppings.’ However I have always been a nonconformist and continued supporting this place because in my opinion their pizza was Inizio level good and the ambiance was chill — up until a few weeks ago. I was at Desano’s with my friend one night and we were literally the only two people in the entire restaurant. Once our pizza was delivered to our table we both realized in horror that we had ordered the wrong $23 pie. I am not a picky eater but one thing I cannot get down with is spicy and this pie was COVERED in spicy toppings. We expressed our grievances with our servers and ordered another pizza and they charged us full price for the second pie without even batting an eye. Yes, I realize the mistake was our fault. But as I mentioned, we were the only two people in the entire restaurant while the young people working stood around joking and laughing and not paying an ounce of attention to us. As we begrudgingly ate our $75+ meal (drinks included) I looked at my friend dead in the face and said, ‘This place won’t last another 2 months.’ And my prophesy came true. Thankful for places like Inizio — good quality pizzas and even better quality customer service — keeping our city afloat.” – C

In response to: 6 quick takeaways from my first time visiting Elevation Church

“I feel like Elevation has a lot of haters for no reason. It’s a cool church that’s very successful in a time when churches are losing their relevancy. I love it and hats off to Steven Furtick, that dude is dynamic and in my opinion, should be very well compensated given his performance.” – J

“Sounds like a cool concert! Meanwhile I’ll just go to church on Sunday.” – F

“When we went years ago, we were so confused there was no actual pastor preaching. And that people get this hyped up over viewing him on screen.” – G

“Furtick can deliver a good message but no thanks on it being my home church as a new Christian. If Furtick is bringing folks to Jesus then that’s great. Who am I to judge? It’s just not for me. I went on Easter and it was too much.” – N

In response to: After 20 years, Pike’s will close South End location

“The parking at the South End location was too much to deal with for me anymore. I suspect that is a big reason for the move.” – L

“South End is selling out to chains.” – H

“This makes me so sad. Shake Shack is a chain…an overpriced, average chain.” – E

“Felt like somewhere my grandparents would go. Surprised it’s even staying in business enough to move elsewhere.” – K

“Another one bites the dust! All for progress but South End is loosing its charm that drew the folks to it in the first place.” – S

“Wait. Where has all the people commenting been all this time? The place is always empty! It’s actually the only place empty on the area, mostly destination for the rebel souls not willing to stand the 1-2 hour wait at every single restaurant there.” – P

“Not surprised about this. They didn’t really evolve with the area. Super bummed Shake Shack is taking its spot, though. Would have loved to see something more interesting. I mean, Bang Bang Burgers is RIGHT around the corner.”- K

“Pike’s has the best milkshake that I’ve had in Charlotte and they give you a lot of milkshake.” – B

“Shake Shack , Jenis , and Blaze Pizza. Also known as McDonald’s, Baskin Robbins , and Pizza Hut.”  – C

In response to: Swirl, featuring build your own cupcakes, opens to long line out the door in Oakhurst

“This place is absolutely amazing! We went the day of their grand opening! What an amazing concept! I got to build my own custom cupcake; which was a really fun experience and it did not disappoint! We can’t wait to go back!” – A

In response to: What happened at the Untappd Beer Festival at Bank of America Stadium? “We made some mistakes operationally”

“Seriously, it was not as bad as people are making it out to be. The cup quality was not great but they found better cups during the delay and corrected that issue. No, there was no beer in the concourse during the storm delay. That could’ve been prepared better but you make the best of it. The rain cleared and my group went to the outside vendors first then back inside the stadium. Longest we waited in any line in or out of the stadium was 5 minutes. Then they extended it to 9pm. We had a great time. Weather happens. It was Untappd’s first major event and given the circumstances, it was still a great time and they handled it best they could given the stadium restrictions. I tried more beers than I anticipated even with the rain delay.” – G

“Next year’s name is ‘Millennial Whine Fest'” – C

“Charlotte would complain to a brick wall not being the right shade of red.” – S

In response to: 30 cool dates you’ll actually want to go on in Charlotte

“I’m tired of ruining good restaurants with bad dates.” – B

In response to: How I Work: 17 questions with Cherie Berry, the elevator lady

“What a local gem! Proud to say that she is my new idol; her life sounds so happy and satisfying and she has such an amazing perspective on everything. Thank you for publishing that piece and giving us a look at the mysterious lady that’s kept us all safe for so many years!” – A

“Stop celebrating this woman because of her cute name. She’s horrible as a labor secretary and people should be cheering that she’s leaving. Hopefully she never runs for public office again!” – J

In response to: Rare modern home near South End asks $625,000

“I appreciate that the front fits the neighborhood while the back looks like something you’d find in Los Angeles. This is my dream house and it’s good to see architecture in Charlotte’s that’s more than just the classic rich person homes in Eastover/Myers Park and the overplayed bungalow look in Plaza/Elizabeth.” – W

In response to: Action bar with self-serve cocktails opening near Plaza Midwood — will have archery tag and 22 virtual reality booths

“Archery tag sucks. But the rest sounds cool.” – D

“Pre-mixed cocktails wow you can get those weak drinks at any Applebee’s or Chili’s for a dollar won’t waste my time here.” – K

“So awesome that this crazy a** concept is being built in Charlotte. I love every bit of it and I’m very curious on the virtual reality. If 22 people can play can actually play in the same game as promised, that sounds unreal.” – J

“Self serve cocktails and archery? Nothing could go wrong here”. – C

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