How I Work: 16 quick questions with Governor Roy Cooper

How I Work: 16 quick questions with Governor Roy Cooper
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Roy Cooper is the 75th Governor of North Carolina. Prior to his victory in the 2016 election, he was a four-term Attorney General and also served in both the North Carolina State House of Representatives and the State Senate, where he was the Senate Majority Leader.

Aside from his political accolades, he’s also the father of three daughters, a husband to Kristin and an involved pet parent who doesn’t use his title to get out of feeding the cats. Here’s how the most powerful politician in our state gets stuff done.

(1) Phone and computer?

iPhone and Lenovo desktop.

(2) Apps you can’t live without? 

Find My iPhone, Fitbit and Golf Clash.

(3) Do you have a favorite social media app?

Yes. Twitter.

[Note: He’s got two accounts, Governor Roy Cooper (@NC_Governor) and Roy Cooper (@RoyCooperNC)

(4) How do you spend the first hour of your day?

Feeding our dog and three cats — and also exercising.

(5) What’s the first thing you do when you walk into the office?

Grab a soda with caffeine.

(6) What’s your day like?

There’s no typical day, but I tend to start by reading the news, receiving updates from my staff, and meeting with different groups. I also travel across the state to speak about ways to make sure people in our state are better educated, healthier and more prosperous.

(7) What’s your favorite time-saving shortcut?

Reading while shaving (electric razor).

(8) What everyday thing are you surprisingly good at?

Reading people’s body language.

(9) What one skill that’s enabled you to be successful at your job?


(10) What’s one situation that makes you nervous and how do you prepare?

My daughters taking long car trips. I prepare by lecturing on defensive driving.

(11) What’s a fact someone might be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a natural introvert and a bit nerdish.

(12) What’s one place in North Carolina that everyone should visit?

A public school.

(13) If we’re having a lunch meeting at a restaurant of your choice, we’re meeting at:

A non-chain restaurant with good sandwiches.

(14) What’s the book you gift the most?

Between The Creeks: My Sapony Adventures by Roy Cooper Jr. (my dad).

(15) What celebrity would make you starstruck?

Any public school teacher.

(16) Even though you’re the Governor of North Carolina, what’s one chore people will definitely still find you doing?

Feeding the pets.

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