Assistant Manager

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• Adhere to work schedule and arrive dressed and groomed in a manner consistent with the overall brand of the store.
• Help maintain a positive and respectful and team style working environment while promoting accountability among the working staff.
• Work to meet and exceed sales goals.
• Maintain the cleanliness of the store overall and staff spaces on a daily basis.
• This position will be responsible for Inventory management and processing of Purchase Orders.
Customer service
• Greet all customers and provide positive, engaging service, making all who walk through the door feel welcome.
• Maintain an in-depth knowledge of the merchandise and their relevance to current industry and market trends.
• Establish a working rapport with customers by familiarizing yourself with their individual tastes and preferences in order to better serve them on successive visits.
• Become an authority on the retail policies of the store in order to mitigate and resolve any and all customer complaints effectively with consideration for customer satisfaction.
• Maintain the visual appeal of the retail space and fixtures.
• Ensure that displays are tidy and properly stocked.
• Organize inventory on the sales floor in an attractive manner that can be easily navigated by the customer.
Social media management
• Daily maintenance of the store’s Instagram and Facebook accounts by generating and posting engaging visual content.
• Promote new arrivals, highlight seasonal trends, announce promotions and special events.
• Provide prompt and professional responses to product inquiries and sales generated through social media.

To apply:
Email resume to

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