Digital Marketing Manager

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The job:
The Digital Marketing Manager will develop and drive all digital marketing initiatives from creative to campaign roadmap development to execution.

What you will do:
• Work with VP of Marketing to develop strategies to drive new member acquisition across a variety of digital channels.
• Monitor and evaluate digital marketing trends to recommend best practices.
• Develop, plan and execute paid digital marketing strategies and initiatives, including SEM, paid social media, search and display advertising campaigns.
• Oversee acquisition marketing performance (including SEM, SEO and Paid Social) implement localized campaigns.
• Manage the development of creative assets, including language localization for website, email marketing and more.
• Own and maintain lead gen marketing roadmap to drive growth.
• Analyze performance metrics and develop comprehensive reporting on digital marketing growth and e-commerce sales.
• Build out a customer lifetime value (LTV) model to help inform paid media investment decisions going forward.
• Analyze cross-channel attribution performance to mine campaign performance insights and drive future campaign testing.
• Help to identify creative technology and marketing automation solutions that can expand our team’s capacity to accommodate growing creative needs.

To apply:
Send resume to Natalie Sexton at

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