Audio/Video Technician

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The Audio/Video Technician operates the Sound System and the Video systems for the Celebrate contemporary worship band. They must work with the band on stage, the worship leader and the Technical Director to create a clean mix and a clearly understood audio experience for those in attendance or worshiping online. They will also work with the band to set and strike on-stage equipment, as well as with volunteers running the video equipment to ensure the technology for the worship services is working accordingly.

Essential duties:
• Set and strike stage equipment, including instruments, microphones and monitors for Wednesday evening practices and Sunday morning worship services.
• Perform a sound check and mix the sound according to the standards set by the Worship Leader and Technical Director.
• Execute audio aspects of two Sunday morning worship services.
• Answer any questions A/V volunteers have about worship technology in the absence of the Technical Director.

• Skilled with analog and digital audio boards in a production environment.
• Knowledge of audio/visual equipment, including monitors, loudspeakers, various microphones and instruments.
• Understand the signal pathway for all inputs and the controls to manipulate the sound.
• Ability to conduct a sound check quickly and effectively.
• Attentive to detail, organized and good with time management.
• Familiar with ProPresenter 6 and broadcast video equipment.

Availability requirements:
• Wednesday evening practice from 6:15-9:30 p.m.
• Sunday morning worship from 7:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

To apply:
Submit resume as well as venues at which you have worked and consoles with which you are familiar to Lynn Williams, Human Resources Director, at

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