Mailbag: 40 top feedback letters on Fyre Festival speaker, urban Whitewater Center parks, young divorce and Rock Bottom

Mailbag: 40 top feedback letters on Fyre Festival speaker, urban Whitewater Center parks, young divorce and Rock Bottom
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: What I learned from getting married at 23 and divorced at 28

“Great read, thank you for sharing. I also had a ‘starter marriage’ and got married at 23 and divorced at 28 (must be magic numbers). I can relate to so much of this (except that my ex-husband was a genuinely good guy and we had a great marriage, we just changed and grew apart). But I lost friends and also felt ashamed at first. It seems, especially in the south, that starting your entire life right out of college is the normal thing to do, and I don’t think enough people are really taking the time to figure themselves out.” – M

“I did something similar, and I agree, the second husband should never be like the first. Nothing is worse than a partner who doesn’t respect you.” – L

“I’m not against the institution of marriage but after divorcing and raising two children on my own I am in no hurry to get married again. What I want is a solid person who knows who they are and allows me to be who I am.” – A

In response to: 6 spring fashion trends and where to buy them now at Charlotte boutiques

“Everything looked ADORABLE on you!” – D

“Katie these outfits are ridiculous.” – A

In response to: How much money are Charlotte millennials getting from Mom and Dad?

“You’d never be able to tell because I see folk out enjoying ALL the luxuries of life as if they are successful.” – J

“My parents helped me and I am looking forward to helping my kids. And my parents should they need it. You know, family.” – C

“I’d rather starve.” – D

“I bought a multigenerational home and my mom now lives here with my family! We help each other. She helps me with my tot and I help her with a place to live.” – S

“Don’t they owe us the money after destroying the economy, ruining the housing market, escalating the student loan crisis, etc?” – J

“No shame in getting help. When I was out of college my parents didn’t help me and it sucked. I struggled and stressed about making rent, eating, and trying to have some sort if social life. I missed out on so many experiences because I couldn’t afford it.” – B

In response to: New 60,000-square-foot development named Three30Five coming to Tremont in South End

“I guess my idea of a community park isn’t going to happen.” – M

“Cool. I used to live at 335 Apartments… so my natural question is, where will people park? I’m assuming people use the light rail or park at the Design Center garage, because the streets are already full with cars.” – J

In response to: iFLY, a modern indoor skydiving facility, now open near Charlotte

“Oh, hell naw.” – F

“Meh. I’d rather jump at 14k feet.” – T

“This is going to be every dude’s tinder profile picture in one year’s time.” – D

“$70 for 2 min and the other hour 58 min is signing paper work and being instructed. Bless the people that actually do this. Y’all are wild.” – V

In response to: Oren Aks, the designer and marketing guy behind the disgraced music festival, is coming to Charlotte to speak

“Will there be any bottled water.” – K

“Should I book a villa?” – P

“Can I pay with my Magnesis card?” – P

“Will the money go to pay back all the workers in the Bahamas that didn’t get paid?” – D

“Can’t believe someone is still trying to make money using Fyre Fest.” – D

“I’m so weirdly obsessed with Fire…def want to go!” – K

In response to: Haberdish owners opening new restaurant and cocktail bar in historic Plaza Midwood church

“I like their passion and creativity, they look like fun people.” – E

“I’m not sure if you’ve been to church in a while but exposed beams and shabby chic walls are not really ‘churchy’. And can we stop with the open fire cooking thing? It was cool when Flourshop and the Crunkleton did it, now it’s becoming passe.” – O

“This is great! It takes more to go the hard route sometimes but the sweetness at the end is often much more rewarding! Kudos y’all! Seriously the cutest. Watch out Chip & Joanna!” – J

“Jamie, while you and Jeff are at it, how about check out the vacant restaurant space on Selwyn at Colony. We’d love to have you in our new neighborhood!” – T

In response to: Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery has officially closed in Uptown

“I hope Yard House comes. Or Benihana.” – S

“Clearly Charlotte can not support craft brewing.” – C

“They have been at the ‘rock bottom’ for years. Surprised it took this long.” – H

“We were eating lunch there yesterday when the employees were informed they were losing their jobs. Kudos to our server (whose name I unfortunately do not recall), who kept herself together and served us as best she could despite numerous menu items being unavailable. – S

“Hate to see Rock Bottom close. A friend once passed out in their bathroom — she literally hit rock bottom. Now when I warn my future children about the perils of drinking too much, I’ll be referencing a bygone establishment. Decent sandwiches too.” – N

“Some of you are truly heartless. Real people with real families have lost their only mean of income in such short notice. There was no warning or heads up. So those of you who are applauding the closing of this restaurant because of your bad experience which probably not intended at all have no heart.” – D

In response to: 13-day festival coming to Uptown this spring — includes giant bunnies, lighted seesaws and Anthony Hamilton

“All I read was giant bunnies!!!” – F

In response to: Hall Family Farm sold for $21 million, property to become Novant hospital

“Happy for the Hall family, but sad for the community. While medical needs are important, time outside can perhaps lessen the need for hospitals. That said, the family deserves tremendous thanks for the good times and great memories made there. And I’m delighted to see more memories will be made at the new location.” – D

“Good for them! It’s not every day that farmers become millionaires.” – H

“They were so smart to hold out for top $$$.” – L

“Love how Charlotte agenda made the title all bad news for the people who don’t read the entire article. The farm bought new property down in Lancaster and has been preparing it from 2017 and is readying it for a 2021 season opener for those that didn’t read the article and just saw the sad title.” – S

“Cool. Does that mean Novant will be investing in the expansion of the one lane road on that residential street or the gridlocked Johnston Rd connecting it to the few main entry points in/out of Ballantyne?” – M

“21 million? Wow. They said screw a pumpkin patch LMAO.” – J

In response to: View renderings: Grand Bohemian Hotel plans to open in early 2020 with rooftop bar on the 16th floor

“Architects, designers please take note on how this building looks so much better than all the box buildings with no soul. Thank you Grand Bohemian for dressing up for Charlotte.” – N

“If the planned Bohemian is anything like the others in this small group, no other hotels in the city will compete. Marriott/Kessler have done a tremendous job with this offering.” – A

In response to: Blind Date: 28-year-old real estate guy and 23-year-old paralegal eat three hour dinner, swap numbers

“I’m just waiting until somebody actually kissing on one of these. New flash: in real life, people kiss each other, especially if you’re giving each other a 7 out of 10 – one more cocktail and you’re basically out to eat with Bradley Cooper. These two should have totally kissed, whatever just give it a shot already.” – J

In response to: Op-Ed: County should partner with U.S. National Whitewater Center on more parks

“Charlotte indeed has no DNA for public recreation. It’s basically a big office that is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. There is nothing to do if you don’t like beer. USNWWC is the only thing great in this city.” – J

“YES! Our parks are way behind for the major city we are. Tega Cay is far beyond us with their new inclusive park, and that town is tiny! We need redesigns badly, and USNWWC is a perfect fit.” – C

“With all the competing priorities in the county, I’d say parks are not a top 5 item on the list.” – J

“City officials are too busy worrying about who can use what bathrooms and raising taxes to pay for construction that never gets finished.” – B

“Love the Idea.” – K

“Carowinds should take the Whitewater Center and put it under their umbrella of things to do.” – R

In response to: The hottest restaurant right now in 9 Charlotte neighborhoods

“Let’s be honest, South End has all the hottest concepts right now. You could have chosen Hawkers, Barcelona, Superica, The Dunavant or Bardo. Okay, okay I’ll give you that Elizabeth is also hot right now – but they’ve just got The Crunkleton and The Stanley, which aren’t for everybody. How funny is it that we’re obsessed with chains? Barcelona, Hawkers, and Superica generating 2 hour waits, LOL.” – W

In response to: Massive, two-story Restoration Hardware with rooftop restaurant opening in SouthPark

“Fantastic news, making it possible for Charlotte homeowner’s to safely furnish their homes just like their neighbors; easily identifying their chosen style by page number in the RH catalogue. Charlotte’s lack of design kahunas continues.” – A

“The Whole Foods version of IKEA.” – M

In response to: Owen’s Bagel & Deli closing South End shop, posts “stay tuned on our new location”

“Come to University City! We are desperate for bagels up here. We don’t even have the s***y Bruegger’s anymore. It’s like a bagel desert up here. We are dying. DYING, I tell you.” – M

“Love the bagels but they’re sooo slow making them.” – B

In response to: Love sushi but hate spending money? 9 best sushi deals in Charlotte

“Ahkahana’s rolls are double the price because they’re B1G1 everyday? You legit can’t escape for less than $40-50. It’s good but doesn’t really save any money”. – H

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